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Friday, October 15, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane

Can't believe I'm up and blogging at 5am! The cab will be here in about 15, so this will be brief. I'm off to Toronto, where I WILL RUN AN AWESOME RACE. Say loud it and often enough, and it will happen!

Had wonderful noodles last night with H-woman, and then home to finish organizing, packing and tidying up. Got to bed just before midnight...I will be tired today, me thinks! Once I get to TO, I will go to the Expo this afternoon (mmmm, Cathy's first...this could be interesting) and I think we're going to meet the other ladies from At the Park. Who knows what tomorrow with bring. Looks like good weather too, which is awesome.

I should get going, so must sign off.


1 comment:

H-woman said...

Wheeeeeee! Left, right, repeat.