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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aches and pains

Things are starting to seriously seize up, but I am still moving way better than after my 1st, oh so long ago now.

After I heard everyone leave this morning (Cathy starts work at the crack of stupid and the hubs and boys leave not so much later than that), I decided I was awake and just got up. Made a pot of coffee, laid on the couch watching the world news and found out that Calgary voted for mayor the guy that was in third place last week. vote does count! Use it!! I am happy this guy won (I did vote for him, after all) and we'll see what happens with the city now that Mayor Dave is gone, and Mr. No (the front runner) lost out on both the mayor's chair and his alderman's seat (which he gave up to run for mayor).

Turns out I'm famous...okay maybe just in my mind, but I got a mention in the Calgary Herald's running blog, Calgary Runners. Kind of cool to see my name listed like that...and I wasn't last!

After laying on the couch for awhile, I decided that I needed some serious caffeine in me, so I showered, got dressed and went exploring. Mr. Garmin says the Starbuck's (yes, I can sniff them out!) is about 2km from Cathy's home, so it was a nice walk to loosen things up. My calves are really tight this morning, as are my quads, so the walk felt really good. And the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the trees were doing what trees do. After sitting in the sun for a bit sipping my 6 shots (the girl said she was going to "just throw it out" - the horror!) and the oat fudge bar. What a lovely way to spend a morning. I beat Cathy home from work by about 5 minutes, and then we headed back out to the mall (hey...this looks familiar) for a bite to eat (Jimmy the Greek for me) and then to pick up groceries for tomorrow night's supper. We returned home and make lemon loaf, another loaf of bread, goulash, pork chops for supper, as well as pulled in the laundry from outside (mmmm...smells so good!), enjoyed a cup of tea and just chatted. Very Zen...

Going to do some more stretching and make sure I head out for another walk in the morning. But nothing hurts terribly, which I am pleased with. Training really does pay off. Who would have thunk it???

The house is smelling really, really, really good now and I am getting hangry!!


1 comment:

Carolin said...

Well Carol, it sounds like you are having a nice visit to our fair city. I hope you realize just how special you are as we (sunshine, Louise and Carolin) have NEVER been so fortunate to taste all the yummy’s Cathy cooks. We have read about her dinners, seen pictures of the masterpieces but not so much as a bite.

Enjoy, you lucky Lady. Oh and have a plate for us!!