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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I finally got caught up on Glee. Granted, it took some serious couch time to go through the 77 DVD's (skipped all the extras, which I'll view another day) as well as another 4 hours on the PVR, but I am all caught up in time for next week's Rocky Horror extravaganza! I do like the makes me cry, it makes me laugh and it has me tapping my toe throughout. And Matthew Morrison is just HOT! If my high school teachers looked like that, I may have paid more attention in class!!! And my costume for Halloween is now complete, after stopping into the local sports store Friday night. Add the megaphone (that arrived on Thursday) and my tracksuit...Sue Sylvester comes to Calgary!
After I crashed on Thursday, it was up and at 'em on Friday to go get Mom and head downtown to meet up with the new doctor. It is a strange process to be going through after 40+ years with the same physician and poor Mom is just freaking confused. "All this fuss just for Synthroid"... It is probably a blessing that Mom really is healthy, other than her memory. If she was Dad, with all the crap he was on at the end...oi vay.

After having lunch with Mom, and taking her back out to buy a watch and more chocolates (10 days...the TWO boxes I bought her before I left lasted 10 days!!! And these weren't small boxes!), I left her with a stern warning to eat more than just chocolate and headed for home. Had lunch of leftover rice and then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch. I woke up with 3 minutes to get changed and ready and on the road to boot camp. Pulled up right behind Trainer Josh, and off we went. After a warm up run of Douglas Fir (which I'm going to run every weekend on my own, as long as the snow doesn't close it), we went back to our mats and the torture began! Starting at the one set of picnic tables (we're still outdoors, but Friday was the last night), we did leg lifts with shoulder presses and then curls. Run to our mats and do push-ups, flip over and drop leg overheads. Run to the bands and do overhead extensions and more shoulder presses, run to the last set of tables and do step-ups followed by dips. Return to start, repeating everything. After the curls, we added bent over rows, at the mats we added toe touches, at the bands we added jumping jacks. After the steps and dips, return, repeating everything. Just when we thought we were done, we added incline narrow grip push-ups, full body bike and curls. Back and forth, back and forth we went. As much as my legs were tired through, I was really happy to be back. I heart boot camp!

Next week is a freebie week, for anyone (in Calgary, of course) who would care to join me. We're moving indoors for the next session, which I'm not completely sold on yet. I actually hate working out've seen me after a run outside on a bitterly cold winter day...move that inside and I'm likely just to burst into flames!!! But I love boot camp more, so I will suck it up for the couple of sessions to get us through the winter. And Josh is keeping one of the classes outside (Friday nights) so I'll still get my fresh air fix. Anyway, if you're interested, join me at the 5pm class at the Rosscarrock Community Centre, 4411 - 10 Ave SW. Bring a set of weights and a mat and a desire to sweat. If you like the class, sign up.

Came home and grazed dinner Friday night, with a little of this and a little of that. I did bring home Safeway's red curry chicken soup which was really, really, really good! I did thaw some ground pork and beef Saturday morning and made a mushroom loaded meatloaf for supper. Add some smashed potatoes, skins and all, and a side of veggies with mushroom gravy and I had a good supper Saturday night.

I was in the mood for pancakes this weekend too (I'm still in carbo mode, as I also inhaled a small loaf of rye with dip over the last two days), so I mixed up some Coyote buttermilk and topped them with maple pecans and peaches (boil maple syrup in pan, added pecans and cook till they are coated and candied...throw in peach slices and heat through). A grand way to start the day.

Got the yard cleaned up in time for next week's forecast...yes, the "s" word...and today have done 4 loads of laundry to get that caught up. Next I'll go vacuum the hallways and wash some floors. Boy, do I know how to rock out the last days of my vacation or what?!?

That's if for me.


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Carol said...

Forgot to mention that the classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays indoors and Fridays outside in Edworthy Park.