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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4 more sleeps...

Just when I think I have hit the peak in Boot Camp, Trainer Josh ups the ante and I end up looking like I just picked up a set of weights that very moment! And yet I return, class after class!

Monday's class was good but on the smaller side. Still a good turn out for a holiday Monday and we worked our butts off. Since I'm flying out Friday morning, I decided to go to last night's class as well. I may regret that decision...we did a lot of upper body work, interspersed with running and sprinting up the little hill. I know...marathon in T-5 days, but I am competitive against myself and I hate to lose to me!!! I can really feel it in my shoulders and lats today though.

I hemmed and hawed all day whether I should go today (only 4 more sleeps) as I do have a lot to do still and then I decided on yes. I planned on being really good with the legs (if the group did Douglas Fir like last night, I would run the pathway, etc) although we all know about best laid plans, right?? One of the ladies wanted to mix it up a bit, so we ran over to the other side of the park and did an oldie but a goodie. Half of us did count-down incline push-ups (10, sprint, 9, sprint, 8, sprint...etc) while the rest did good old chin-ups. Then we switched. It's been awhile, but I am still pleased (despite stiff and sore shoulders already) that I managed to crank out a total of 25 of them! Really feeling the upper back now though!!

Back to the mats, and then Josh decided we needed to Tabata the hill (fartleks, for me, I suppose). While everyone else sprinted, I power walked...okay, I did pick it up a couple of times. Remember, I hate to lose to me! After 5 or 6 sessions of that, we moved to the mats and did...wait for it...more SHOULDER WORK. OMG, it was all I could do to get my bra off when I got home!! I have serious doubts that I will be able to get dressed tomorrow morning! But I do love how this feels. I will miss the class next week.

Of course, I will still get a good workout in, as I run the Toronto Goodlife marathon on Sunday! Flat, flat, flat, flat, flat!!! I cannot wait...I am feeling really confident about this run, and I know I'm going to pull off a sub-5. Of course, I also know many things can change before race day and on race day, but my mantra is sub-5.

I leave first thing Friday morning...only for a marathon would I be so retarded to book a 7am flight!!! But the taxi is booked (for 5:15...sob!), and I'm just finishing up some laundry, so my running gear is all nice and clean. I have to sort out carry on (RUNNING GEAR!) and what else to take. The weather looks to be nice, so hopefully I luck out and get some decent fall foliage photos. Being a Western Canadian, we don't get the brilliant reds of the maples, as our winters are too harsh on the poor trees. We get yellow and some red on bushes, but it's mostly green due to all the pine trees. So I hope to see the contrast out there.

Okay...I really must get a few things done, so later everyone. I will try to post - I'm staying with fellow blogger and old high-school buddy Cathy, so I hope to be able to wrestle the computer away from her teenage sons long enough to post results!


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Cathy said...

Old, high school buddy!!! Where did this "old" come from???????
Hey, a few things.... Toronto isn't as flat as you think it is..... there is beautiful colour outside of your bedroom window and there will be a computer at your disposal!!!!!
Can't wait!!! I will be right outside the sliding doors when you arrive. You will understand when you arrive. Are you packing a suitcase??? Carry on is the way to travel... just remember no liquids or gels more than 100ml and it all has to fit inside a 1 litre plastic baggie. So far you have the row to might not stay that way but I think the middle seat will stay vacant. Hmmmm, how do I know all of this......? I thought we could go downtown and get your kit tomorrow. Is that ok? See you soon!!!