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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Run for the Cure

I got up bright and early this morning to join 8,000 other runners and walkers to Run for the Cure. Normally I avoid this race like the plague. I have nothing against the cause, and support it whole-hearted. What I have against it is the utter chaotic manner in which it is run. It is far too emotional (as it would want to be) and not run like a run. The fact that they encourage walk-up registration before the run, donations (meaning cash and such) handed in this very morning (um, security risk much??) and the route is not normally clearly marked, so you have walkers only doing 1k with the runners trying to do 5k and getting routes mixed up. There's dogs, strollers, kids...gah! I used to get a team together for years, but started backing off years ago. Only for my last clinic pacer K., who is a survivor and running a team this year, will I plop on a pink wig (oh, and I NEVER wear pink!) and enter the fray.
Met up with some of the other team-mates at 7:30(ish) this morning...the race wasn't till 9, but 8,000 people (and dogs, kids, spouses, friends & family) all descending on one shopping mall means limited parking! I'm sure by 9, there were still people trying to get onto the parking lot to park their cars!! I bedazzled with a couple of cure tattoos on my calves. didn't quite work out. I also had my Cure bandanna from years ago, with some pretty fancy pink extensions hanging out from underneath. I left my camera at home, but hope to get some pics from the other runners...I think I looked a little like a girly Hulk Hogan, without the 'stash, of course!!
Once we were all ready to go, K. and her fellow survivors (she ran the latest Running Room Survivor clinic out of Eau Claire) all in pink, tiaras and wings, lined up with the rest of us, ready to prove themselves. One was walking the 1K, which had a different start and route this year (hey, maybe people have been listening), while K. and the other were sticking to a pretty strict 10:1 pace. I find it hard, after tempo and steady runs, to run anything less than a 10k taking walk breaks, so I gave my hugs, shouts of support and took off. Took at least 5 minutes just to get to the "start line"...this was not a timed event, so I was relying on Mr. Garmin to set me right. They even tried to get people organized for the 5km (fast runners, slow runners, walkers) but no one pays attention to the signs, so the first km was spent doing some serious bobbing and weaving to get around the throngs of people. And dogs...I love dogs. Really I do...I just don't think they belong in the middle of 8,000 people all shouting and screaming and clapping and banging things, running and walking. I am constantly surprised every year that there isn't some horror story about a poor dog that accidentally got in someones way. Once the crowd thinned a bit, I settled into a good was still a little hard to run, as we go through an older neighbourhood with big trees...this means leaves on the road, which can be slippery under foot. But I held my pace and my stride, and came around the corner with only a few hundred meters left thinking "it's over already?!". According to Mr. Garmin, I ran 5km in 32:40:54, at a pace of 6:32/km, burning 481 calories in the process.
Wandered around waiting for the rest (K. and her group finished at 39 minutes), had a can of green tea stuff, and passed on most of the food. Green bananas, bagels - just bagels, popcorn (Smart Pop, which is so bad for you!) and snack bars. Nothing really healthy. We all wandered around a bit, waited for the survivors to get their free foot rub and mini-pedi, picked up a few things before deciding we were all hungry. Went around the mall to Chili's for lunch, which was dead considering all the people there today. Decided on the sliders platter, which may not have been my best choice. They were good, but were served with deep-fried onions...that was seriously the only vegetable on the plate!! And greasy ones at that.
Stopped by Mom's to visit (and check up on her) before heading to Sunterra for some fresh veggies and milk. I also grabbed some marinade for the chicken I bought yesterday, as I couldn't decide where in the world I should eat tonight. Settled on Italy! Okay, so really Mediterranean area, as I ended up making Tuscany marinated chicken, Greek lemon roasted potatoes, basil tomatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts.

Now I sit with full belly, feeling very satisfied. I bagged up the rest of the chicken, and separated the salmon, saving a piece for supper tomorrow night.
Just had to show you all my goofy girl, Miss Coco's a good thing she's purdy! We don't like to tell her that she has a weight condition...she's actually lost weight but she's still my little cookie jar!

Now this is the face of a content kitty!

Have a great week.

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