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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still out of commission

Week 2 of no Boot Camp or fact, my chiro dude would be happy if I didn't do anything that "lifts the toes towards the knees" about walking?!?! Not only am I baffled by my feet, so are the team at the chiro. Nice man Dave actually made me cry last night...he lost his "nice guy" crown quite quickly, but he was shocked by how the tendons in my left foot/ankle had "turned to stone"...he can't figure out why, as there's no logical injury (haven't run since Melissa's Sept 25th or done Boot Camp since the 2nd of October. And this latest flare-up happened on Tuesday of this week. That's the frustrating part, is that I'm now being good and not doing anything and it's still hobbling me.

And let me tell you how painful the walk in was yesterday and today in the snow! Today especially, as we ended up with quite a dump, and it was heavy and wet and hard to get traction in as a pedestrian, let alone a driver. I left my house at 6:25 and got to work at 7:07 - I walk 14 blocks. I just want this to end. The walk home was a tad better (sidewalks clear) and I came home and shoveled, but that affected the upper body more than the feet.

Got picked up by a recovering H-woman (sick with sinus but healing) and her mom for a well deserved dinner of noodles at our favorite Pho place. Hit the spot's not that cold, but just the vision of all the snow and the aches and pain in my feet made it a definite soup night.
Came home, and after much avoidance by myself, finally did the ice bath for my feet (right one is now sore because of all the limping on the left one - argh!).
I'm supposed to leave the foot to soak for 10 minutes. P-hah!!! I'm lucky I lasted one!!! I alternated, tried them both at once, and really, really, really did my best to keep the feet submerged but pain won out - and not the pain of flared tendons but the pain of flesh freezing. I now have a ice bag wrapped around each, and will take an Aleve soon and hit the sack.

We'll see what tomorrow brings at the chiro. I just want to get back into my routine - frustrating that I was doing so well, and finally seeing results and BAM. Reality bitch slaps me upside the head! What did I ever do to her?!?


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