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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And now we wait...

I was at my Doctor's at 8:45 and at the Lab for the blood work (testing for the Rheumatoid factor) at 9:20. Got out of the lab (the waiting room of which could fit in my living room, and I could probably leave the couch and love seat for extra seating!!) at 10:10. Oy... It is a slow and painful process, and that doesn't even consider the actual needle in the arm part! Limped down the hall to the X-ray lab, of which I walked in and out in about 10 minutes all told. The technician there mentioned she thought she saw a heel spur, which would explain a lot, but then again the heel is the only part of my foot that isn't sore or swollen! But we'll wait to hear from the doctors now, and see what we can all come up with. The foot was a bit better today, but now that it's later and I'm tired, it's throbbing. Need to pull out the ice.
By the time I headed for home, I have debated driving to work and parking the car for the day, but then again I am a cheap-skate!!! So I parked at home and walked in, but it only took about 25 minutes today, as opposed to the 45 of yesterday morning! Worked through lunch and till 5:30 though, since I felt a tad guilty rolling in past 11! The wee lie-in was lovely though. It's amazing the difference 2 hours make, although I was still up at 5:30 to feed and deliver insulin to the furbabies.
Came home, ate a very uninspired meal of KD and then headed out to Home Depot (for a lock box for the painters and future repairmen coming to the building) and Walmart for last minute Halloween stuff.
Halloween is a BIG DEAL at work...I remember when I started, there would be maybe 5 of us in the whole building that would dress up. Now it's every floor, every department and practically everybody...there are themes and contests for best area and best scary and best costume. Accounting cleaned up last year with best area (our most excellent Haunted House) and best group costume (a bunch of us zombies doing the Thriller dance!), so the pressure is on this year. Can't say what we're doin', but I plan on personally scaring the be-jeebers out of everyone!!! Mwua-ah-ah-ah...
Okay...I'm off to find some ice packs, and gather more stuff for decorating at work, and then to bed. The alarm is set for the normal time again tomorrow, so it's going to come early...

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