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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodnight weekend...

One minute it's Friday after work, and the next, it's time to prepare to return first thing Monday. Where does the weekend go?

Yesterday was spent explaining rent payments to a new tenant (and pulling my hair out in the process...this one is seriously going to test my very patient self.), napping and making a pretty decent pot of chili. Couldn't find any bison, so I mixed a bit of x-lean ground beef with some diced up sirloin. Once it stewed in the crock pot all afternoon, the sirloin just melted! Had some for dinner last night, and again tonight, and packaged up the rest for future dinners. Going to make a yummy sounding lamb dish later this week with the same intent.

Today was spent with a morning trip to the Farmer's market with H-woman - still no Pink Ladies, but I did pick up some Ambrosia apples instead - as well as some much needed fresh veggies. Dropped H off so she could go to work, and then came home and tackled the big pile of laundry in my room. Got 5 loads done, and stripped and remade the bed - which George is busy rolling all over even as I type, since I so rudely removed all his cat hair! It's a good thing he's cute!

Didn't get much snow in Calgary, although the dull cool weather was a perfect excuse for a couple of accidental naps on the couch! Going to tidy up from dinner, watch the Amazing Race and go to bed.

Such a life, huh???


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