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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dang it, I hate it when people are right...

Evil therapist Dave said the Graston would work, and I had some serious doubts! I mean really, something that scrapes skin off of bone (okay, Dave did admit the shin was the worst spot to have this done on), leaves a mark similar to a serious burn and makes me almost black out when fabric touches the area can't possibly work, other than to get someone to confess to the most horrid of sins!! Okay, I admit it...I was the third gunman on the grassy knoll...I was only 7 months old at the time, but I'm sure I was somehow make the bad pain stop!! As I whined and showed off my battle scars at work today, sucking in all the sympathy I could get, lo and behold if at one point this afternoon I actually stopped walking somewhere because I realized I was walking WITHOUT A LIMP!!!! First time in almost a month...are you freaking kidding me?!?!?! Even the pain, which has been constant and quite annoying, was just an occasional twinge. The ankle has movement and mobility...W.T.F??? Really??? I have to admit that the most painful experience in my life actually worked?!?! Oy...

I tried to take some pictures of my leg, but they really don't do it justice...
The swelling finally went down around noon today, and the redness was fading this afternoon...still hurts to touch, but I managed to stretch the ankle out as instructed and I even did some heel circles. There may be hope for me yet...I just don't want to tell Evil Dave that he was right!
Ended up going to noodles with H-woman (enjoying her first night of her 3 week vacation! Totally jealous!!), and they really hit the spot. Would have loved a bowl last night, but the walk there (they are close to my chiro) and then home would have killed me, I'm sure. But they would have been a wonderful last meal!
Not much else going on...came home, tidied up from the Epicure lunch (sales are going well, which is good - I have a hotel in Banff to pay for!), had a brief nap on the couch, caught up on some blogs and cuddled with my furbabies. My little girl Coco likes to steal the couch the second I get up to do's a fun game we play!

Heading to bed now, as sleep is also important for overall healing. Or so I am told.

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