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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Run for Water

Race number 12 (would have been 13, but I missed one in July due to my own forgetfulness) was today.  In fact, September is proving to be a busy month.

Was measured by Trainer Josh last night at the end of class (30 for 30 complete, and signed up for another 6 weeks of torture hard work!), and while he didn't have my beginning numbers handy, he was pretty sure I've lost a good 3" just around my waist!  Can't wait to see the results.  It's been hard work, but as with all hard work, it's paying off.  I am getting constant compliments and comments from people that I am "shrinking".  Awesome.

Today was bright and sunny as I drove to Eau Claire for the Run for Water 10k.  Just for something different (and because of all the freaking construction, like the Peace Bridge that!  The city is now saying "early 2012" was supposed to be done for Remembrance Day 2009!  But I digress...) we looped through Prince's Island Park and then went east to what we call the Long Zoo.  Cross the river onto St. George's Island (yes, the zoo is on an island in the river), and then loop back.  Not a bad course, although running into the early morning sun was a little harsh.  Again, not a cloud in the sky, but I sprayed on sunscreen before I headed out.  Finished, after passing a few people I played leap frog with along the course, but there was this one guy...oh boy.  He just could not let himself get beat by a girl - I even yelled that at him (jokingly, of course) and then I said "okay, it's on!" and the two of us sprinted to the finish, with him beating me by about 2 seconds.  I hope it hurt!!  My time, according to Mr. Garmin was 1:11:56, which is only a minute slower than the Energizer 10k last month.  We had a bit of a head wind coming back, and between the dust, dirt, fall (the season, not an action) and construction smells (who lays resin on a public walkway on a Saturday?!), I did struggle to control my breathing a couple of times, but walked to settle down, did some overhead stretching and told myself to run. 

Hung around afterward, to see if I knew anyone else there (ran into one guy I worked with at the Calgary 70.3, so we chatted) and then bought some shorts at the Running Room and came home.  Had to do some work in one of the suites, and after walking to Safeway for some supper (didn't know what I wanted, but knew it wasn't anything I had at home!) I settled on a chicken and apple salad with walnuts.  Random, I know.

I have a Half in Canmore to run in the morning, so I'll be up bright and early and on the road by 7-7:30.  Then run 21.1km, hang out and head for home, swinging by Mom's to check in on her and her chocolate supply.  I hear it's getting low and she's panicking!  Oh to be 75 and eat chocolate every day.  What a life!

Congrats out to my hiking friends S, M, MS and C.  They all completed the Lost Souls Ultra in Lethbridge this weekend, running 100km!  And a huge shout out to another acquaintance who ran, and came in 2nd for the women (6th overall) in the 100 MILES run.  I will never bitch about a marathon again, I swear!!  I thanked the Coulee Chicks for all our summer hikes (they were training), and let them know they are all my heroes.  Pretty certain I don't have 100km in me to run!  And I don't relish the idea of running all night too.  Of course, 4 years ago I thought a Half marathon was "far". 

Should get my butt to bed to rest up for tomorrow.  Hoping it's a little cooler in the mountains than it was here today.  I really am not a warm weather runner.  Guess that means I am Canadian!


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