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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A really quick one

Must head for bed soon, as I'm going to go to boot camp at 6 am tomorrow.  Yes, that was an A followed by an M.  Be afraid...pretty sure it's one of the 7 signs!!!!

Boot camp last night was a Weaslehead-a-thon...I think by the time class ended, we had run the hill a good 6-7 times.  Over 3km clocked, which for a boot camp is a lot.  Feeling my hamstrings today, from the hill and the dead-lefts.

Tonight we ran the BA hill, and instead of our usual stairs, we did some trail running through the woods.  Then we got down to business, with a lot of focus on the quads.  Ow...  The morning class should be interesting.

Typical Wednesday meal of Guinness, mussels (no bread) and salad.  Boring, but delicious. 

I really have to shut down here...the alarm is going to go off earlier than normal, and I don't know how I feel about that yet!


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