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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A blip

As predicted, I was up today at weigh-in.  One pound, and just one pound.  Still on the right side of 200, where I want to be, and I will be rid of said pound in no time. 

Got beat up by Trainer Josh, as predicted, as well.  Okay, so he didn't actually beat me up, but he did jokingly say (I hope it was joking, anyway!) that while everyone else had a 3.5 minute drill on the stairs (yes, up and down and up and down for THREE.AND.A.HALF.MINUTES!) my time was double that!  Think of that next time I'm reaching for the bag of pistachios!!!!  I did the 3.5 minutes, but trust me, after last night's step-up-a-thon, squat-fest, and bitch path, it felt like 7 minutes of hell.  Just to make us feel better, we did more squats and lunge-walked up the North Glenmore bitch path.  At least there's one at each location!

I am beat, and beat up.  Taking some vitamin I and going to bed.  Tomorrow morning is my semi-annual mammogram.  Do I know how to rock a Friday or what?  Squishing in the morning and boot camp in the afternoon.  Good times abound in my life.


1 comment:

Cathy said...

Semi-annual mammogram? Really? I have yet to have one. I think it will be in another two years for me.