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Monday, September 5, 2011


Man, I don't know why I am so beat, but I am, so here's a quickie:

Ran 12.34km yesterday in 1:39.  Felt good, although our pace was slightly affected by our good deed of the week, when we stopped to help an elderly man who took a header off his bike (buy a helmet, by the way!)...there was a bit of bleeding from the head, arm, hand, knee, calf and ankle (oh, and don't wear slip-ons when riding a bike) which we tended to, while his wife went home to get their car (they lived close by).  I had forgotten to hit pause on the Garmin, so about 5-6 minutes ticked by before I clued in to stop it.  We did a good 10:1 pace, although I did ask M. and D. to slow down a bit for me towards the end.  Late lunch with the gang, before hitting the couch at home.  Some puttering and the day was done.

Today was boot camp at 9:30, as I had some plans the rest of the day.  It was a huge class, on a gorgeous morning, so we all got our sweat on.  Much running, sprinting, lunging, squatting, burping, pushing and rowing was experienced.  J. from our runs and hikes also came along to check it out, and decided she'll be signing up soon.  Snagged another one, Trainer Josh!

After boot camp, I came home and changed and went off to visit E. (from running clinic) and the other 5-hour peeps in E's new condo.  Had a great visit and loved her place.  Then it was off to Mom's to check in on her, pick up some groceries and make sure she was set for the week.  Home, where I met up with a new tenant (down to one empty suite now) and then helped a coworker rescue the abandoned fish left in a vacated suite.  Don't ask...

H-woman called, wondering what my dinner plans were, so the two of us went down to Kinjo for some awesome sushi.  Well, H. had sushi, I stuck with sashimi (no rice!), and tried an outstanding beef dish (Magic Beef - it was tasty), tempura avocado (OMG, so good!) and edamame.  Yum, yum, yum.  The joy of sashimi is I find I don't get as full and bloated as I do with the rice.  The down side is I spend WAY more money than I normally would.  After we got back to H's place, we decided a walk was in order to work off some of dinner, so we did the usual 3-4km loop along the river and through the neighbourhoods.  Highlight of the evening was the young Irish (had some kind of accent) stripping along the bike path, and totally busted by two older broads as we came around the corner!  I didn't peek!  Really, I swear...

Home, where I was watching the House Hunters marathon on HGTV, and somehow missed the end of one episode and the start of another!  Need to shut the TV off and go to bed.

Doing that now.  Hope everyone enjoyed Labour Day weekend.


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Tricia said...

great job on your run