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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Methinks Trainer Josh learned a new word over the weekend and wanted to try it out.  And by "try it out, I mean have US try it out!!  With yesterday's sprint repeats (or Fartleks) up the Bitch path still fresh on my mind (and my butt), we warmed up at Weaslehead with a nice jog down and out to the bridge and then back up the hill to where Josh waited for us.  And then we did sprint repeats up Weaslehead, or as I will now refer to it as "le Bitch II".  At least this one is paved...a little easier to get a grip on while begging your legs to give everything/anything they've got!  Finished up with some of the squat/backwards walk I like (I really do enjoy this one...sick, I know), and then some lunges/sprint bursts.  By bursts, I mean you lunge and then sprint like leaving the starter's block, then slow down after a couple of steps.  Repeat.  Over and over and over again, till at the top of the hill.

Once back at our mats, we did 1-legged bent over rows - so try it, followed by push-ups, lat side and front raises, drop-leg flies.  Then we ran down and back up the hill (just to make sure we still had hearts that were working).  Next round of exercises started with the 1-legged rows (other leg), bent-over rows/flies, plank and toe touches.  Run back down and up the damn hill...I mean, I heart you, Josh.  Nine inches...just keep saying it and all with be right!  Finally cooled down with some good old 1-legged toe touches (left hand touches right foot, with leg extended, but don't move the leg...I think I need to find a picture to describe it properly) followed by oblique crunches.  Repeat.  Finally, full sit-ups and negatives.  Class over.  Collapse!

I stopped in at Sobey's on the way home, after noticing that traffic had miraculously disappeared.  What a gong show to get to boot camp tonight...hope this isn't a daily thing!  But back to the many tempting things (why must they display cookies and bread at the front door of the store?!  Don't was rhetorical!), I came home with soup.  I wanted something warm and comforting for supper, since Fall appears to be wanting to remind us Calgarians that it's just around the corner (only 10 more sleeps), with the past two days being gloomy and cool (sleeping at night, meanwhile, has been GLORIOUS!).  After reading oh, so many labels, I came home with a lower carb option of Tuscany meatball with farfalle pasta.  I wanted Lentil, but whoa, way high in carbs!  Ate the soup with a little melty provolone on top (mmmmm....cheese makes everything better), and am now full and happy.  And TIRED.  I sat up far too late last night, and looky's already 10:30pm.  How does that happen?!

Exercised my democratic privilege (not a right) and cast my ballot for PC Party leader here in Alberta at the advanced polls.  Then exercised my body with the walk home from the polling station.  I plan on being in the mountains on Saturday when the actual election is...we shall see if this needs to go to a second ballot or not.  After getting home from boot camp, I also managed to do a quick load of laundry (work out clothes were getting a little smelly), although the climb back up the stairs....OW! 

Okay, it's time for some vitamin I and a soft pillow.  Eyes are getting heavy.


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