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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have completed 28 boot camps in the past 6 weeks, with only 2 more to go this session.  So what have I learned? 
  •  I am not as tired by Friday as I was in the beginning.
  •  I like mixing it up, with the two different parks (Edworthy and North Glenmore)
  •  the Edworthy group is friendlier and goofier than the North Glenmore gang.  They take their boot camp seriously!
  •  I have some serious triceps right now.
  •  and my calves are pretty awesome too!
  •  because of increased upper body strength (and super supportive, encouraging friends) I CAN climb up and over a very large rock in the mountains.
  •  I still don't like running the Bitch Path!
  •  and one day, Douglas Fir will be a breeze.
I have already signed up for another 6-week stint at 5 days.  I think is the boost / butt-kick I needed to start heading things in the right direction.  I may be up tomorrow (warned Josh) as I've had an "off" week, food wise.  I haven't made any bad decisions (other than the bag of pistachios!  But unsalted, so just slightly less addictive and bad for me), but I haven't really stuck to a good plan either.  Food has been erratic and all over the place, but the week has been that emotionally as well.  So if I'm up, I'm up and I'll just regroup, focus and keeping moving forward.  And probably sweat a bit more at boot camp tomorrow night.  Yay, Thursday night staircase/hill.  My legs are already crying!!


1 comment:

Chubby McGee said...

AWESOME! I love happy, workout stories that end in positive results.

Go, girl!