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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Sat up way too late last night watching of movies - finally saw the Hangover...m-eh.  Not rushing off to catch the HO2, that's for sure.  Then watched the last bit of Reds (I heart Bruce Willis!) and finally trotted off to bed at 1:30, having decided around midnight that I did not feel like leaping out of bed in the morning for a run.  In hindsight, that may be been a good idea, as the snow started sometime last evening and is really piled up out there.  Shovelling = cardio.

As I was crawling into bed, I saw I had a voicemail, and once I opened up who called, I felt like such a heel!  I was supposed to go to a house party last night!!  Can't believe I totally forgot about it!  What an idiot.  I don't even have a good defense.  Yesterday morning was spent at the Epicure Selections 2012 product launch, and then brunch at Milestones with some of the ladies that I sell with.  I had the Signature Breakfast Wrap, which would have been worth the 93g of fat, had they actually put some of the avocado salsa on it!  I think I found 1 teeny, tiny little cube to enjoy, and the rest of the breakfast was just...not even worth a m-eh.  Bland is a good word to describe it, which is odd when you are promised salsa. 

After brunch, I decided since I had fought so hard for mall parking (the restaurant is at a local shopping mall), I do start some Christmas shopping!  Picked up stuff for Mom and my great nephew and niece, as well as purchased all the calendars I need for 2012.  I like calendars...I currently have 4 5 in my house alone.  My house is not that big!  But pick the right one, and they actually become art.  So for 2012 I have a small cat one from the Meow foundation (supports the cause), my beloved Rocky Mountains, Paris in B&W and a Martha Stewart cookies one for the kitchen (comes with recipes).  Then I'll pick up my 16mo at a glance from Scotiabank, which I'll also have at work.  Despite my smart phone, I also picked up a 24-mo book for the purse, and a small hanging one for work which wisely states "why limit happy to only an hour?" true.

I got home just before 5, and ate leftover Chinese for supper (had a hankering on the way home from work Friday night, so Shanghai noodles, mixed vegetables and S&P squid followed me home!).  I peeled the now soggy coating off the squid, picked the disgustingly fatty pork from the noodles (so nasty) and tossed everything together in a pan to heat through.  It was very good and should appear on their menu...Shanghai noodles with vegetables and squid.  Sold!

Just finishing another cup of coffee before I go tackle the walks, although it is still snowing.  It does look like the neighbour to the east did my one section for me though.  How nice!  Maybe because last weekend we were both out at the same time, and were sharing caretaker horror stories.  I will have to remember to pay it forward next time, if I beat him outside to shovel.  Should it stop snowing any time soon, I will gear up and head out for a run.  I do need to set up some sort of schedule for training for both the Ultra in February (52km!!!  WTF was I thinking?!?!) and the Vancouver marathon in May.  I'm pretty confident in my base already being in place (2011: 2 5k's, 1 8k, 7 10k's, 9 Halfs and 3 Fulls! - yes, 22 races in total, and there's two more I didn't count because I didn't run them - once cancelled till further notice and the other I forgot to pick up my race package)...just need to keep the energy up for the 6+ hours I'll be out.

Okay...maybe just one more cup of coffee, and then I'll head outside to clean the walks.  And figure out what I want for supper.


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