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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Truth be told, if it weren't for Trainer Josh, I would not be at 6am boot camp.  I do not like 6am at the best of times, even when I have to be up at that time to get to work for 7am.  Not much of a fan of that time either, but I do love the leaving work part at 3:30pm.  Especially this time of year, when the sun drops out of the sky at what seems to be mid-afternoon!

This little experiment started Monday morning, but I did drive into work afterwards, as I had some large items to take in with me.  The drive itself wasn't too bad, considering 7am is rush hour, but I really do hate paying $20 to park my truck for the day, and we're not even "downtown core".  The facility that he uses for the morning class is all's a community hall, but it's two levels and hardwood floors, so it's nice to run around on, and we've got stairs to add to our cardio.  Monday's class was about 12-14 of us, and today there were 8.  We still get our sweat on, but again, if it weren't for Josh, I so wouldn't be there!

What's really throwing me off is Tuesday working normal, and then coming home to do....nothing.  No boot camp to run off to.  Now what the heck do I do?!  I napped...that's the same, right?!  I will need to get this figured out for the next few weeks, as I really did miss the sweat-a-thon I normally have on these nights.  Today was hard too, as by the time I got home, cleaned up, changed and walked into work, it was 8:30.  That means working till 5.  I haven't worked till 5 for almost 3 years was very odd to me to keep sitting there and especially hard when I had to walk home in the dark.  Didn't like it one little bit...but again, it's for Trainer Josh, and I'll figure out a new plan for January & 2012.  Just no idea what that will be yet.

Decided since I was such a slack-a** yesterday (hehehe) that I should go for a run with the gang tonight.  After all, what else would I do with my evenings, now that they are void of boot camp (going to drag this out for while, people...get used to it!)?  Although, I barely had time to get home from work, change and race out the door again, making it to Eau Claire just at 6pm.  Everyone waited, which was nice.  We were doing a tempo run (at least, I think we were doing a tempo run) but no idea of the course, distance or even pace we were attempting.  It had snowed earlier today, so the paths were dusty and icy in spots.  And it's dark now at 6pm, so that meant headlamps for everyone.  I bundled up (currently -11C, which is oddly enough 11F) with long pants, a long sleeved tech shirt, with a tech T over top and my construction orange resolution jacket.  Which I've decided is so way too big for me now!  Can't believe it used to be tight across the chest and belly!  Yay me!  Add to that gloves and my Runner Girl toque and I was ready for anything.

We took off to the east, running past Fort Calgary, to St. George's bridge, back to the Zoo, over to Memorial Drive and west to home.  Good pace, with DO keeping me company for the first half, and then J. and MS taking over for the last half (everyone tonight is a much faster runner than I, so the company was most welcome).  No walk breaks, and a good pace had us finishing just under 7.5km in 53 minutes.  Some of the group continued on for another klick or two, but I was done when we reached the Prince's Island bridge.  I'll tackle the longer distances on the weekends.

With the Christmas season upon us, all the area pubs and restaurants were packed tonight, so instead of our usual Barley Mill meal, we ended up at the Garage.  Service left a bit to be desired (felt like we were bothering the waitress, what with wanting food AND drinks...) but the food was all right.  I had a salmon (shocker, I know) sandwich on ciabatta, with a side green salad and a pint of Guinness.  I am nothing if not predictable! 

Okay...must head off to bed.  I've been up for far too long, and am fading fast.  Happy Hump Day.



Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Where is Trainer Josh going when boot camp ends/his company is kaput?

Carol said...

Trainer Josh is returning to a tried and true career from his past, so won't be a trainer anymore. Fingers crossed that he taught me well!