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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keeping up with boys

Put the call out to whomever wanted to run, as I was feeling the need for speed.  Okay, it was either run or sit at home and eat.  I am detecting a direct correlation between not working out at boot camp (therefore no endorphins flying through system) and feeling the need to fill the empty void with sugary treats.  I may not be the brightest bulb, but I do make a connection every now and then.

I almost missed out on the run too, as I got home, changed and then was sucked into the vortex of my latest People magazine!  Realized the time and raced out the door, arriving just past 6.  Both D's were waiting patiently (let's go with patiently) for me to show up, and after confirming there wouldn't be anyone else joining us, we took off.  I admit to being a little concerned about pace, as DO was the 4:30 pacer for the last marathon clinic (I was the 5:00 pacer) and DC just qualified for Boston in Seattle in November.  Uh-oh...this could hurt.

Both were gentlemen, and made sure they stayed with me (it was dark, after all), but still set a pace that was demanding.  We ran west first, so we'd have the wind to our backs for the return, and crossed over at Crowchild.  Chatted about this and that, got out of the way of cyclists and enjoyed another lovely evening in Calgary.  Weather has been downright perfect for running these days.  Fingers crossed our good luck holds out. 

There was even a Christmas miracle on the route, as the section around 10th Street and Memorial Drive has finally opened up to runners again.  They (the City) have been working on this section for what feels like FOREVER (okay, over a year at least), so as a runner, we always had to detour and wait for lights to change, run a super skinny section fighting for space with other runners, walkers, bikes, etc, all the while wondering if we'd ever get to run by the river again.  Tonight we ran by the river!  The path under the 10th St bridge has reopened, and they even did some work around a rather tight, dangerous patch that totally opens it up for two way traffic.  Now, if they could just finish the Peace Bridge and get the south side of the path open again, all will be right in the world.  After crossing under 10th St, we ran to Prince's Island, where I told the boys to continue if they wanted, but I was heading in.  We all went across, and finished at 7:78km in 53:37, or a 6:54/km pace.  I keep this up, and I'll be qualifying for Boston soon enough!!!

After some stretching, we decided that we were parched and managed to find seats in our usual haunt, the Barley Mill.  In fact, the place was almost...empty.  Sadly, our luck will not hold out for tomorrow night (usual BM night) as they confirmed they are already booked solid.  Tonight I had the turkey, brie and strawberry sandwich on a very dark brown bread.  With side salad, it was tasty and filling.  However, they were out of Guinness (WTF?!?) so I had to settle for a Kilkenny.  So not the same...  J.came down and joined us, which was awesome as we may not be able to get together again before she heads home for Christmas, and had a really nice visit.

I am ever so grateful for my running peeps.  They keep me going, even when I don't want to.  They encourage, challenge, amaze and inspire me.  They make me laugh, out loud, just like Snoopy!
Case in point:

Yeah, that be me in the background, enjoying yet another silly race-day moment.

Joining a running group was the best decision I ever made in my life.  If you haven't, do it now.  Right now!  You won't regret it.


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Dave Owen said...

Those Daves are cool dudes. Watch for those strawberries though - evil creatures.