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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fly by post

Holy crap, where has the last week gone?  Oh yeah, buried under a pile of turkey, cookies, stuffing, gravy, wrapping paper, more cookies, chocolate, wine, wine, some more wine and jammies.  Today I had enough, and was ever so happy to be back at work, and therefore ROUTINE.

Met up with the peeps and pounded out a decent 7.79km in 54 minutes (6:54 pace...I am a machine), which included the SPEC-TAC-U-LAR wipe-out performed by none other than sweet old me.  It was epic.  One moment, running along side rather cute dude (God, tell me I was flirting nicely), next moment flat on my face and sliding!  Jumped up, a tad embarrassed but not much worse for wear (dude was amazed I wasn't even dirty from the fall...Mama raised a lady) and continued on the run after a brief walk.  Sad part is, this was my second fall today.  Walking home from work, day-dreaming and took a header over a lip on the sidewalk.  SPLAT!  I think my bruises tomorrow should be very interesting.

After the fooda-pa-looza that was my last 4 days,  I will be back out for a run tomorrow night.  May be too little, too late, but what happens tomorrow at weigh-in happens.  I am accountable only to myself, and therefore have no one or no reason to be upset. 

To help alleviate the "I'm bored with no boot camp in the evenings, so hey, let's eat" thing I noticed happening recently, I signed up to be the 5km clinic instructor at my Running Room.  So far, there appears to be 6 souls signed up.  Gulp.  Actually, I think this will be fun and will push me out of my comfort zone.  Not that I have any problem with public speaking (the only class in college that I earned an A+ in) but the thought I know enough about running to pass on the wisdom.  Daunting.

All right...time for bed.  I know I'm not getting enough zzz's, so I'm working on it.

Hope all of you had a very merry Christmas, and found all you wished for under your tree.  If not, it's on sale this week.

Final race (and #22) of 2011 on Saturday night, so watch for a full recap on the weekend.  I'm even going to try and figure out the money spent...or maybe I just don't want to know!


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Dave Owen said...

Can't find a race for Friday night??!! Could get to 23 races!