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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Run Santa Run

Race #21 on the books.  Calgary's Third Academy's Run Santa Run.  This wasn't a timed race, and you could choose either a 5km or 10km distance (of course, I chose 10), but instead of a t-shirt or bling, you got a full on Santa Suit to wear!

Me on the right, with Santa D. in the middle and Mrs. Claus W., who may have regretted the full on velvet outfit, considering the temps hit +10C yesterday!  As you can see by the sweat stains, this is AFTER the race.

Here's a good before shot!  Santa G. came in 2nd for the 5km: even though it wasn't timed, he still got a medal!

A sea of Santa's getting ready for the gun!!

Myself and Santa J. running in.  We maintained a perfectly wonderful 6:38 pace, coming in at 1:03:32.  Considering my 10km PB is 1:03 and was done in October without snow and ice, I'm really pleased with my pace yesterday.  I may have held Santa J. back, as she is a much faster runner, but we chatted the whole way, and I didn't feel like I was struggling to keep up.  I may just master this running thing yet!  What I'd really like to know is how Santa J's outfit still looks pristine, and I look like I fell in the river?! 

Despite all the snow in the pictures, it was a perfect day for a run!

After some visiting and a coffee, I changed and met up with another friend A. for brunch.  We went to the Barley Mill, which was empty, where I had the ham, cheese and mushroom omelet with wheat toast.  It tasted so good, I basically had the same thing today, only it became a pepper scramble (red, orange and yellow peppers, celery, Egg Beaters, Epicure Roasted Red Pepper dip mix and Epicure 3-Onion dip mix, shredded cheese) at the last minute.  Still quite yummy, filling and only 7 PP for the whole thing!

It snowed a bit overnight, although God has kindly removed most from my sidewalks for me.  Just have to scoot out and clean up a bit out front.  Then down to Mom's, get some groceries, and then back home.  Did laundry this morning, so if I get home early enough, I'll head out for a quick run to get my sweat on.  And figure out what to have for supper.  Only one more week till Christmas, but not freaking out.  I'm going to resist baking right till next Saturday (no cookies in house = no temptation!) and then will make a small batch of chocolate pecan tarts (buttertarts sans raisins) to take to the Christmas Eve open house at a friend's.  And maybe a cheese ball. 

Can't believe it's after 2pm already...guess the day gets away from a person when they sit up far too late and sleep in.  Who knew?!


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Dave Owen said...

An omelet in the Barley Mill? Doesn't sounds right somehow.