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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Race that wasn't

When getting ready for a race, us crazy runners tend to do the same things. Especially living by the mantra of "change nothing for race day". I usually eat the same thing, or something close, the day before and most definitely on race morning. I tend to wear the same running outfit. I carry the same fuel of water, OJ & sea salt. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before. I drink loads of water. I am a creature of habit. That being said...I did not run the Stampede Half today.

Here's why...I am an idiot. Plain and simple. I had gathered everything for the race, after leaving H-woman's nice and early to make sure I was well rested, and finally shut the lights off at 10:30 and got ready to crawl into bed. The alarm was set for 6, and I was ready. And then it hit me...


OMG! No chip, no shirt, no bib... AND I had 3 days to pick it up...THREE!!! I completely wiped it from my mind. What a freaking dolt. Thursday could have worked, but I went to a contact fitting appointment (so annoying, since I've been wearing contacts for 20+ years with nary a problem, but whatever), and then straight home. I could have picked it up Friday after boot camp, but instead stopped to pick up stuff for the Epicure party at Walmart and Safeway and then straight home. Yesterday was a bit trickier, as I was trapped in the morning waiting for a fridge for a suite to be delivered (came just before 1pm) and then my hair appointment and finally off to H's for the party. But still, it would have taken a half hour of my time to swing into Marda Loop to get the package, and I didn't. I did check the website but race day pick-up was only for out-of-town runners, and I refuse to be one of those people who show up and say "but can you make an exception for me?!". And I would most definitely not rogue or ghost run it. Part of the problem is the race sponsor is a running shop that I don't frequent at all. Unlike Running Room races, where pick up is two blocks from my office, or Tech Shop races, where pick-up is a few blocks from my house, Strides is in a neighbourhood that I have to drive to. Sucks. I hung my head in utter shame, text and emailed those who were expecting to see me today, reset the alarm for 7 and went to bed and sulked.

Got up this morning, and after some minor glitches (tire that needed air, trying to get organized, etc) I finally made it down to Eau Claire at 8:40. I missed the running groups, but had an idea of what direction and route they may be running (16km), so I took off for a solo run. Headed west to Crowchild, and then up Quarry Road Trail to the top of Wildwood, west to the top of Edworthy Park, down the nice long road, back across the river and east to home. Total run ended up at 16.36, but at 2:22, I was not feeling it this morning. Maybe I was still pouting about the race, but my legs felt like lead, and what was up with my shoes?! I think running in the minimalist shoes may be to my detriment, as my runners each felt like they weighed a hundred pounds!! However, I don't think I'm totally ready for "barefoot" yet. The day started nicely, meaning the race would have been great, but then the clouds cleared and it got hot again. I don't do heat.

Met up with the gang, and had a nice breakfast (although I forgot I ordered an egg sandwich, and only remembered after they threw it away - granted, they also forgot who ordered it, so we were both at fault)...maybe it's the heat. It's been a sweltering +30 INSIDE my apartment all week...yes, my heat is shut off, my blinds are down, and I've alternated to keeping windows open for airflow and closing to shut out the heat. Neither option as worked. It's supposed to cool down this week, so I am hopeful that I will finally get some sleep and therefore my memory back!

In the meantime, all future package pick-ups will be hand-written on home and work calendars, entered into both Outlooks and on my cell phone. That should work,right...right?!?


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