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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Double Duty

Boot camp this am involved legs...lots of legs.  Squats interspersed with squat holds, hack squats followed by single leg dead-lifts, followed by regular dead-lift raises.  It was a leg-a-thon and I am now starting to feel it.  Could be partially due to last night's run through the loose snow, which also does a number on the butt and hammies.  But why let that stop me from lacing up the runners and heading back out tonight.

The clinics running right now were doing hill training, but while I enjoyed that, it does get monotonous running up and down the same hill over and over again.  Since we did the 10k last night that included a long hill, we decided to stick to the flats tonight and ran long zoo instead.

It was another perfect evening in Calgary, just cold enough to remind you it's December, but not bitter.  I think -4C is perfectly reasonable weather to run in.  Didn't stop me from looking like I stuck my head under a tap along the way.  MS's daughter, home from Uni, joined us tonight, which is good because we needed someone speedy to keep up with DS.  As it was, I ended up with a 7/km pace overall, even faster than last week's "fast" time.  Who am I?!

km 1 - 7:16
km 2 - 7:05
km 3 - 7:02
km 4 - 7:13
km 5 - 6:50
km 6 - 6:44
km 7 - 6:58
last 440 m - 6:32

Well, that looks like a negative split to me, Bob.  Boo-yah!

After changing (okay, I strip off my wet shirt and put on a dry one, in the parkade by my car...not shy!), and trying to figure out where to eat, we ended up at the Garage again.  Actually, it's not bad.  They don't sheep-dip their vegetables in butter (Joey Eau Claire, side vegetable for entree, 21g of fat!  There's no sauce, there's barely any choked) and they serve Guinness on draught, rather than in the can.  And the grilled salmon club is actually quite good.  Nice salmon fillet, grilled (not battered and fried), whole wheat ciabatta, green salad on the side.  Nom, nom, nom, slurp (still had Guinness, after all).

Okay, home now, DailyMile updated, FatSecret journal updated, eyes at half-mast...time for sleeps.


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