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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lazy, lazy Sunday

So happy I did all the running around I needed to yesterday, before all the snow blew into town.  The forecast called for "flurries"...we have got to teach our weather people the definition of that word!  it started coming down about 5pm last night, while Mom and I were enjoying dinner, and it didn't stop till sometime this morning. 

Yesterday's 5km race was also completed well before the snow, and good thing.  It was a charity run, the Santa Shuffle, to raise money for the Salvation Army Christmas campaign.  There were hundreds of people out to enjoy either a 5km run/walk or a 1km walk, and it turned out to be a perfect day for a run.  Although this race wasn't officially timed, Mr. Garmin showed yet another PB for me, clocking in at 31:51.  Again, getting oh, so close to breaking that 30 minute 5km.  Soon.  After grabbing a latte, and a late breakfast with the peeps, I headed home to finish sorting the latest Epicure order and dropped it off in the far south east end of town.  Then over to Mom's to drop off Purdy's and cat food.  Then it was off to the grocery store for milk and treats for Mom (no point buying regular food...Meals on Wheels takes care of that), and then heading into the Bull & Finch Pub for dinner.  Mom wanted something different, and I didn't want fast food.  While she worked on a burger bigger than her head, I had a philly cheese steak sandwich (only ate half the bun) with fries.  Yes, I had some fries...they were fabulous! 

Got Mom home, unpacked her groceries, and slowly made my way home on snowy roads.  Traffic was a bitch for 6pm on a Saturday night...WTF?!  Finally got home after 7 (I did stop into Home Depot for building supplies) and decided to take advantage of a break in the snow to shovel the walks.  Happy I did, because this morning the snow was wet, heavy and plentiful.

After a lovely lie-in this morning, I had some coffee and caught up on blogs and facebook, as well as tracked my many friends running the Sacramento Marathon this morning.  Especially Garrath, who finished in 3:26, more than enough time to catch his flight to Vegas, pick up his bib and start the marathon there at 4pm.  Last I checked, his half split in Vegas was identical to his half split in California.  The man is a machine!  I also did a couple of loads of laundry, had a major workout shoveling the walks (yes, strange lady, when I drop a load of snow right where I just shoveled and I get mad, I drop f-bombs.  Out loud.  Deal with it!), had a nap and made a chicken curry for supper.  It was all right, but not picture worthy.  Was rather grey instead of curry yellow.  Not sure why, 'cept maybe too much Garam Masala and not enough Madras Curry.  Still tasted fine.

Now I have to get caught up on the Amazing Race, and get to bed nice and early.  The alarm at 5am is going to come way too early!  Only 9 more Trainer Josh sessions...insert sad face here.  As a side note, me and girls took Trainer Josh out for supper on Friday, after class, and had a nice evening of laughs.  The ladies were prepared and brought extra tissues, but I held it together!!  I even "taught" the class at the beginning, as Josh was caught in traffic and running late.  So I had everyone running laps (gym and down the stairs, up again), once they realized I was serious, and then doing side shuffles / high knees.  Good thing Josh showed up when he did...despite going 5 times a week, I totally blanked on what we should do next!  Even forgot it was Tabata Friday!


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