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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 - Year of the Race

Hello everyone!  Hope everyone had a really good Christmas and New Year's.  Can't believe it's already 2012.  Wow!

Last year, I went (friends will question this) a little race-crazy, running an average of two races a month.  Considering race season in Canada is a tad short, it was quite an accomplishment.  I don't think I'm going to repeat this year, but I'd like to run at least one race, preferably a Half or larger, a month.

Of course, this means I now have to break down and look back at 2011:

# of races registered for: 24
# of races run: 22 (one was post-poned by the organizers and I forgot to pick up the race package for #2...d-oh)

# 5k's: 2
# 8k's: 1
# 10k's: 7
# Halfs: 9
# Marathons: 3
# PB's: 5!
$'s spent on race fees: $1,272 - with taxes and handling fees, closer to $1,400
$'s spent on travel costs (airfare, hotels) - $1,785 - oh, heck.  Add food and entertainment, and we're up over $2,000 easy.
$'s spent on running gear: at the very least $1,000, between shoes, pants,tops, nutrition and gear.  I am addicted to snazzy running tops.
Overall feeling about $'s spent?  Priceless.  And WORTH.EVERY.PENNY.

The year started in February, as there are zero races in Calgary and area in January.  Dang.

Hypothermic Half - 2:48:34.  Aptly named, this race takes place the 2nd weekend in February and can be a chilly one.  I think this year was seasonable, but I've run it in -20C before.

Diakonos St Patrick's Day 10K - 1:12:59
Game of Life 10K - 1:20:30 - not sure what was going on here, but it could have been cold.
L'Arche Roger's Half - 2:42:31 - mere seconds off my personal best to date.  Cold day, but excellent run.  Chocolate milk at the finish line ROCKED!

Policeman's Half - 3:13:24 - worst conditions for a run EVER.  Snowed heavily the night before, and it was cold.  We were told pathways would be cleaned, but they were not.  Race should have been called.  Ask all the people with broken limbs and concussions how they felt about this one race.  I walked over half of it, because of the treacherous conditions.  Not signing up this year.
Big Run Half - 2:50:49 - run through Calgary's infamous "Blood & Guts" area.  There were a few hills...okay, lots and lots and lots of hills!

Rocky Mountain Soap Co Half - 2:15:15 - beautiful run in Canmore, AB, and starts with an awesome 3km run downhill...BUT that meant a 3km run UPHILL to finish.  Crap.  Great swag bag though.
Calgary Marathon - 5:52:53 - hills...crap.  And despite lower temps (+14C), no clouds meant sunstroke for me.  Double crap.

Footstock Half - 2:52:43 - Wet.  It poured buckets the entire race.  I think it took 2 weeks for my runners to finally dry out.  Did I mention it was wet?!  But pretty course, and I may run it again this year.

No race...I am a dolt.!!

Energizer Night Run - 1:10:03 - very close to a PB for me, and such a fun race.  Didn't like the double loop, but good crowd and loads of friends running.  Will do it again this year.
Edmonton Marathon - 6:27:25 - WORST MARATHON EVER.  Granted, Vancouver (my first) was one minute slower, but this whole race sucked.  It was +35C, no shade, road running the whole way.  Had to pass the finish line with 14km to go.  Sucked, sucked, sucked.  Will not run it again.

Run for Water 10k - 1:12:12 - first time in Calgary, and a really well put together race.  With bling! 
Canmore CAUSE Half - 2:45:52 - starts and finishes in town, so no run uphill this time around.  Nice day, good race, no bling, no shirt.  WTF?!  I only run races for the bling!
Melissa's 22k - 2:35:58 - my most favourite run of all time.  Love the weekend, love the course, love the atmosphere, love the mountains.  Construction shortened it to just under 21k this year, but it would have been a PB had the course remained the same.

Alzheimer's 10k - 1:03:44 - PERSONAL BEST!  KILLED this 10k...conditions could not have been better.
Toronto Marathon - 5:21:53 - this is their official time, but Mr. Garmin had me at 5:20 and change, so it is my PB for marathons.  Great course, and the spectators totally made the race.  I have never experienced that before.
Rogue's Run 10k - 1:13:01 - harder to run in full pirate outfit.  Such a fun run.

Winterstart 5 Miler (8k) - 54:38 - PB for this race.  Such Melissa's, it's in Banff in the mountains, but it's at night, and ends with a beer party in the parkade of the host hotel.  Fun, fun, fun.  Okay, so there's a mile run uphill, but then you get to turn around and run down!  Did I mention it was at night?!
Last Chance Half - 2:24:47 - PERSONAL BEST - I wanted a sub-2:30 for a half, and I totally smoked that goal!  Felt great, running with my peeps pacing me.  Just have to convince them all to sign up for Vancouver!

Santa Shuffle 5k - 31:37 - another personal best.  This wasn't an officially timed event though, but I'll still take it.
Run Santa Run 10k - 1:06:30 - another untimed race, and I did run it in full Santa outfit (you get that instead of a t-shirt!) so am pleased with the fast time.
Resolution Run 5k - 37:39 - last race of the year, and this year was difficult because EVERYONE showed up to run it!  Usually the temperature plummets to the -30C's, and the river freezes up and over the pathways, causing last minute chaos and changes.  This year it was -5C, and the pathway was packed.  My first lesson tonight at the clinic will be pathway etiquette.  OMG.

So far I am "only" registered for 5 races in 2012, although this may be the year of firsts.  Such as my first Ultra in February (52km!!  Gulp!) and my first trail race (Sinister 7 in July).  We'll see what the rest of the year brings.  Also entered the New York marathon lottery this morning...that would be a very cool race to run.


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