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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twofer Tuesday

1. So stiff after yesterday's return to boot camp!  Every time I sat and then tried to stand back up again I cursed Trainer Josh's name and the countless squats we did.  So happy to be back at it.  Of course, the stiffness didn't help when I went to the chiro's at lunch to have my quirky leg checked out - I'm on the offensive, not giving my leg the time nor opportunity to sideline my races coming up, as the leg doesn't hurt when I run, but I can't seem to sit or stand and have it be comfortable - but Dave still managed to find that one gap between hip bone and tendon and ram his thumb into it!  It's a good pain, right?!  After Dave did his ART best, Dr. Jay came in and did an adjustment on both hips and it feels better already, which is the point.

2. Today's stiffness didn't stop me from meeting up with the gang and tackling Calgary's outdoor "stairmaster", the Crescent Height's staircase.  After a nice 3km warm-up run (I arrived a few minutes late, and the others had left, so I ran on my own) I got to the stairs and started up.  Ended up doing a total of 8 laps, mixing it up with straight runs/walks, arms above the head, double steps, side steps, backwards step-up squats, double up squats and then finished up with some dips off the bench, push-ups and a 1 minute plank.  Take that, stiff butt!

Time for bed - 5 am alarms come way too early!!


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