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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seemed like a good idea

36km LSD for Frozen A** by carollw45 at Garmin Connect - Details

Only 37 more sleeps till the Frozen A$$ 50 Ultra, so our long slow distances have been growing. December 31st had us run 24 km. January 7th saw that jump by more than 29%, as we increased to 31 km. Actually, it would have been almost a 40% jump, had MS and I not stopped at 31 and walk in the last two k. This week, that number jumped another 16% to 36. So much for no more than 10% at a time, huh? Add to this my testing of the theory regarding my orthotics, current leg pain and whether the use of my birks and minimalists have actually retrained my feet. Or, as I now like to call it "what the eff was I thinking?!" I (and my ART therapist) thought I should try running without them for a few weeks, to test them out. I don't think either one of us was thinking about the impact of a 4+ hour run, however.

Got up nice and early and had breakfast of a nut square (like a rice krispie square with rice cereal, nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, sesame seeds and honey) and Greek yogurt. Made up my OJ & water mix, and packed some Honey Stinger chews and gels. The temps were looking good, which was awesome, as winter is returning big time to Calgary overnight tonight - highs during the week next week will hover around 0F. Or colder!

met up with the gang at Eau Claire, and after getting everyone/everything organized, we were off. We headed east to Fort Calgary, along the Bow river. Nice day, little wind, sun shining and temps around -4C. Not as cold or humid as last week. After passing Fort Calgary, we turned south, sticking along the Elbow river now, and going around behind Stampede Park, until we were heading west. Sticking along the river, we ran towards Talisman Centre, where those who needed it could use the facilities. Some of us (MM and I are the camels of the group) circled around that, while we waited for the others (hence the circle on the map), before continuing on southwest past Mission and Roxboro, heading towards Stanley Park. This is where we lost three of our runners, as they turned back at the 8km mark. Passing Stanley Park, we continued west, through the park and the neighbourhood on the other side, until we hit Riverfront Park, at the base of North Glenmore Athletic park. Up Sandy, Beach hill, for another pit stop at the top (dog park...with human facilities too). Aiming south again, we rounded towards Glenmore Dam and crossed over, and over Glenmore Trail towards the Rockyview Hospital. Pass the hospital, and up and into Eagle Ridge. Out again, this time passing Heritage Park and reaching the eastwardly end of Glenmore Reservoir. We decided earlier on to continue past the usual turnaround point of Glenmore Landing (a Running Room, McDonalds, Starbucks and other shops) for another 2km, in order to reach 36km. This lead us past Bayview, and had us turning around at the South Calgary Sailing Club. Oh boy..."only" 18km to go now.

My feet were not pleased. That made my shins unhappy. My knees, not wanting to be left out, also started to ache. That made the hips jealous, so they yanked on the IT and hamstrings for a while. And the butt...oh, the butt. It was going to be a long run home. But I am nothing if not tenacious. Some may wish to change that to stubborn...stupid...crazy...crazy some more...there are many options!

After another pit stop at McDonalds (I went into the Running Room, got some water and then stretched outside), we were off. J & D took off ahead, as she once again fueled up on coffee and a muffin. I did not get that same energy from my honey gels...I may need to check into her plan next time! Anyway, that left MS, MM and myself, but I was most definitely slowing down. I watched as MS and MM moved further and further ahead of me, but then I would round a corner and there they were, waiting for me. This is how we returned...slow but sure. There are many "bailout" points along this route, and it's not too bad, as the hills are more rolling, but some of the pathways are slanting, as are some of the roadways, and I will truthfully admit running so far without my orthotics was most likely the dumbest thing I have done in a while. I am honestly surprised I can stand upright at this point!!

Took me four hours and fifty minutes to finish, but finish I did. I had about a half km to walk in this week, and after a quick lunch of egg wrap, fruit salad, chocolate milk (best thing EVER) and a coffee, I took off for my manicure scheduled at 3:30. I have very pretty girl nails again (went French this time), and since I immediately changed into my birks the second I got home, my feet/ankles/shins/knees/hips/butt aren't doing too bad. Oh, they're all still really angry at me, but nothing a little more vitamin 'I' won't cure. Dinner was a bit of lasagna - oddly enough, not really hungry - and some salad, and I have been fighting sleep ever since. Good thing there was a Bourne movie on to keep me awake. Mmmmm...such sweet dreams I will have now.

I do have my 5k peepers to take out tomorrow, and this could be a cold one. I am thrilled we're only out for 25 minutes total.

Okay...I'm standing up now (maybe) and heading for bed. Hope everyone else's Saturday was just as awesome as mine.


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