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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


That was the magic number at boot camp this am.  Just because one of us decided to have a birthday this week.  And did we get to eat cake?!  Nope...

We did, however, get to do FIFTY squats.

Then we moved on to 5-0 push-ups.

Trucking along, we crossed the gym multiple times, as we counted down 10+10+10+10+10 lunge walks, ensuring each side was even.

Grabbing our weights, we did FIVE-ZERO dead lifts with upright row.

That was so much fun that, in multiples of one 50 times over, we did squat press with a curl.

We did get to lay down at one point, but that was to crank out a few...okay fifty, Supermans.

Flopping onto our backs, we finally rounded out the morning's festivities with, guess how many and the first 49 answers don't count, drop-leg flies.

I feel like I'm three hundred and fifty...just sayin.


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