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Thursday, January 19, 2012

About time

Had a nice loss at weigh-in today, which just means all the hard work I've been doing is finally clicking.  Amazing really...follow the program, sweat more, eat less and voila...weight loss!  Down 2.4, which is the motivation I need to continue onward.

No run or boot camp tonight, as I went to a talk given by a fellow runner/tri person I know, who has a company called Choose Energy.  She's a bundle of energy without stimulants, so I was curious to hear her nutrition talk on "Weight less for Life".  She didn't focus so much on losing weight but more so on balancing everything, and while most of it I've heard in one way or another, I did focus in on one thing.  I need more sleep.  She says we should all be in bed, asleep at 10pm.  Period.  I'm already 35 minutes past.   We talked exercise (this woman is a machine - I've seen her in action), nutrition, breathing, emotions, etc.  Quite interesting, and she packed a lot into the 90 minutes.  Of course, made some great sales for Community Foods as most of us rushed from our seats to the the nutrition aisle and walked away with our new goodies (she also whipped up a smoothie for us to sample).  For me, Amazing Grass wheat grass and Hemp protein powder.  We did get samples of the berry, original and chocolate Amazing Grass, so I am anxious to try those.  Going to aim for a smoothie every other day, say after boot camp.  It'll be a great way to get protein back into me quickly, after our intense workout.

Speaking of, I'm now 43 minutes past my bedtime, and boot camp is still at 6am.  Currently -23C out there, so it's practically balmy...depending on how it feels when I first head out in the morning, I may run around the block.  Or stick to laps of the hall.  Saturday's 28km is going to be nice though, as the forecast is for above zero.  However will I dress?!


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