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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Wet Coast

A quick pop-in to say hello and yes, I am still alive.  I arrived in Funcouver on Monday, for work, and have spent the last two days knocking on doors, talking and listening to customers and doing my best to stay dry and warm.  That was close to impossible today as the rain came down in sheets.  I don't like rain.  Period.

I've spent the last few hours catching up on blogs, after spending last night getting to know some of my colleagues here.  Man, you ignore the scroll for a couple of days and BAM, you all have a lot to say!  I haven't been running here (hotel is right on a highway) but I will make the effort to go to the hotel's "fitness" centre in the morning (dreadmill, universal gym and elliptical) and get my sweat on.  The good part of door knocking is the fact that we don't start until 11am...the bad news is it's winter in Vancouver. That means rain.  I'd rather have snow!

I am missing my routines, and my furbaby.  Mostly my furbaby.


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