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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Focus group

Tonight, after boot camp, I was invited to be part of a focus group discussing...The Calgary Marathon! Yippee!! Finally, I get to vent all my frustrations about the course and the race, and they have to listen! They may not change anything, but they do have to listen.

But first, boot It was +31C (88F) when I pulled up into Edworthy, and I never thought I'd say this, but how I prayed we'd be running Douglas Fir. It may be trail, but at least it's in the trees and shade. Sadly, no...we went up BA (which has been baking in the sun all day long) and around to the "stairs". Run down, side shuffle up, run down, side shuffle the other way, run down to the bridge and back to the top. That about killed us all, so we retreated for the safety of our mats in the shade and completed the rest of the hellish workout there! Push-ups, toe-touches, squats, lunges, band work, wall sits against the trees, more never ended. Oh, wait, but it did with toe touches to banana to scissors, then side planks, obliques and the ever present negatives to round out the day. I'm pretty sure I just lay on my mat for a good 5 minutes, waiting to solidify again. Too hot.

I whipped into Safeway on my way home, because the focus group started at 7:30. I grabbed a light Caesar salad kit and some pre-cooked shrimp, but by the time I got home, I wasn't hungry anymore - too hot to eat. So I had a bowl of cheerios and UVAB before changing and heading out the door.

The focus group did have sandwiches, waters, juices, baked goods (a lemon square "may" have gone missing, last seen near the vicinity of my mouth!), and although it was a small group (7 of us), we all had something to say, including the positive stuff. I walked away feeling great that they took the time to listen, rather than the unanimous online survey that you are never sure anyone even looks at.

Did not meet up with the gang tonight though, as the focus group went on till just after 9. I am home, still not hungry (I did have a small chicken sandwich as well) and thinking I should just go to bed...but so hot!! Where's the cold, crisp mountain air everyone bitches about in Calgary right now?!?! Certainly not in my hot, hot, hot apartment. Dang.


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