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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Totally skipped boot camp last night.  I had all intentions of going, especially since I missed Monday due to an Epicure party being booked, but when I got home from work, I needed a wee nap.  Which turned into a full fledged sleep!  I was bagged.  So I stayed home and luckily missed being caught out in the rain and hail.  Calgary got hit HARD last night...40mm of rain in like an hour.  It was coming down in sheets...there were rivers rushing past on the sidewalks.  Not much damage here...I have one plant that lost all it's little flowers, but it'll grow again.  Don't think the hail damaged James, and I haven't heard of water/flood issues from any of the other tenants, so all is good.  And the best news is the rain didn't wash away or destroy any of the musical instruments of the very bad house bad across the street!!  They continue to practice even now...I really wish they would just learn one song from start to finish and FINISH IT!  They truly suck eggs.

I did make out to boot camp tonight.  Because of the all rain yesterday, we did not even attempt Douglas Fir or the hill/stairs.  We did a quick run out and back on the path, before grabbing our weights to set up at the base of the bitch hill.  Rows, raises and kick-backs followed by a sprint up and down the bitch.  Repeat two more times.  Grabbed our weights and set up back at the field, starting with 5 bicycles on our mats.  Jump up to first station and do 6 squat presses.  Return to mats...repeat, adding 7 squat swings.  Return to mats...repeat.  Do you see where this is going??  By the time everything was said and done, we had completed 40 bicycles (each leg), 48 squat presses, 49 squat swings, 48 leg drives (each leg), 45 push ups, 40 lunges (each leg), 33 dips and 36 curls with bands.  This includes the round that we just moved from one to the other, without having to start over, but doubling everything.  A little ab work at the end and class was over.  It was a good one.

Met the gang for beer, after picking up week 2 of the veggie baskets H-woman and I are sharing.  This week we got red lettuce, kale, beet greens, garlic snape, dill, fresh peas and a bunch of flowers.  Thankfully the store where we pick up were sold out of bread.  Last week it was a sourdough Gouda concoction, and this week promised to be an apple cider rye.  My hips thank them!!!! 

Home now, and the apartment is cooler, thanks to the cold front blowing through Calgary.  I may actually sleep tonight!  Fingers crossed.


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