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Saturday, July 9, 2011

One hot mama

Sadly, it's the warm kind of hot and not the fierce kind! While it has cooled down outside to +15C (I was actually shivering at H-woman's as we sat on her awesome patio) it is still a sweltering +28C in my apartment! The other night is was night!!! I cannot sleep in heat. And now that I have entered my late 40's, nature seems determined for me to become my own heat source. Nothing like finally falling asleep, only to wake up feeling the heat starting in my hands and moving rapidly throughout my body. I am soaked to the skin most nights...I do not need the added heat from summer. Today at my hair-dressers, I asked for short, if for nothing else than to beat the heat. I got short!!! I love it...feel like I dropped 5 pounds from all the hair. Not that it was long, but it was touching my ears!

Had a great Epicure party at H-woman's earlier. Actually, I didn't really go to sell Epicure, but to visit with people and eat great food. And if we made sales along the way, that was fine too! But I had to cut the evening short, as I do have a race at 7:30 in the am. So this really will be a quick post as I get ready to hit the hay. Getting up to the alarm at 6am on a Sunday is just wrong...

Details of the race to follow.


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