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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A quickie

Tuesday already?!?! Wow..

No run on Sunday, but I did cut the grass, tackled trimming back a very large, and out of control tree, then walked to Eau Claire to meet up with everyone that did run. Enjoyed an iced latte, wandered downtown to pick up a few things before heading into MEC and coming out with my very own set of hiking poles. Bring on da mountains!!

Yesterday, return to work, day 1 of month end. Not too crazy, which is nice. Walked to my drugstore at lunch (4-5km) and then boot camp after work. Holy Mother all I have to say. Trainer Josh had new moves for us...I did not like them...not one little bit...jumping jacks with shoulder presses, is all I have to say.

Tonight I met up with some ladies from my past. Let's see how I do with this without revealing too much. C., who knew a friend of mine, needed someone to cat/apartment sit for her the summer of 1992. I moved into her place in May, and when she returned in September, and I returned in November from Australia, we became roommates. She worked with MC, and formally with L. L. lived out of province, but moved to Calgary for work, and joined up in our circle. M. was a childhood friend of MC, who also ended up hanging out with us, as did another childhood friend J. C. got a job at a new company, where she met JS, who also joined our group. Everyone is married (I've been to most of the weddings, and stood up for C.), except J and myself, and most have kids now, but we like to get together for dinner once every so often, although we let it go a whole year this time. Yikes! Much to catch up on. We went to Tango Bistro, which specializes in tapas. Everything was fabulous...we shared frites (french fries tossed with Parmesan and served with garlic aioli), scallops in a mushroom sauce, prawns, wild boar bacon wrapped tenderloin (OMG!), olives, hummus, tapenade, flatbreads...I enjoyed a plate of scallop and prawn cerviche (no one else would even taste it...guessing sushi is out of the question with this group) and key lime pie, served in a shooter glass. It was perfection. I am not full nor bloated, and I stuck with a nice summery drink of vodka & soda. A great evening... Although the ladies (you will note the married w/children ones) wanted to continue to par-tay, I begged off, as work at 7am is way too early and I'm getting too old for such foolishness. Take note, youngens...the hangover starts BEFORE you finish drinking when you get "old" like me!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher, so boot camp could be interesting. And then I'm on the focus group for the Calgary Marathon committee. Can't wait to hear what they have to say, and if they're ready for what I have to say!!


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