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Friday, July 29, 2011

Big time Booter

Mainly because I only went to boot camp once last week (and what was THAT all about?!) I ended up going 4 times this week, and if it weren't for dinner plans on Tuesday, it may have even been 5.  My body is most definitely feeling it today!

Wednesday:  The day we played in the rain.  After a short run (really felt my shins running the asphalt paths, but corrected my stride), we set up quite the circuit. 
  Everything times 10 reps:
  •      station 1: dips, incline push-ups
  •      station 2: full body bike (10 each leg), toe touches and drop legs
  •      station 3: shoulder press, bent over rows, bent over flies
  •      station 4: squats (or squat jumps), jumping jacks
  •      station 5: (with bands) curls, seated row, lat pulls
Return through stations, completing each task.  Once back at the start, increase reps to 15 and repeat all the way through and back.  Increase reps to 20 and repeat!  I am very proud to say that a) I stuck it out despite the rain coming down - kind of enjoyed it, actually.  And b) I was only 1 move away (20 drop legs) from completing the whole thing before Trainer Josh called time.  ONE!  That is HUGE for me, especially having a sucky night on Monday.  Because of the rain, we huddled under the shack and did a 4 minute squat tabata, waiting out the rain.  Twenty seconds of squats followed by 10 second rests - and by rests, Josh means squat holds - for 4 minutes.  OUCH!  We ended the class with core/ab work (it had stopped raining) and then crawled back to the cars.

Last night was at North Glenmore Park, and after a brief game of "figure out where I've taken the group, Carol", I found them at the base of the staircase, and went for a quick run to warm up.  After kidding that I "found them, darn it" by Josh, we broke into teams and then went to work.  Push-ups (15 reps) and squat press (more squats - oh no), before sprinting up the stairs and down 4 times.  The other group did seated rows (with bands, and counted down by Josh), lat pulls, curls and kick-backs.  Swap off when the first two managed 4 laps of the stairs.  Round two started the same (push ups and squats - thought for certain that I was going to drop a weight on my head!), we then sprinted up the side hill (I'll have to take photos next time) a couple of times, before swapping off to do shoulder press (bands again), front curls, reverse flies and extensions.  Lastly, we had to run the hill and come down the stairs.  Finally some core/ab work and then call it a night.  We were all a hot, sweaty mess by the time the next class showed up.  Good times.

Tonight there were 4 of us that showed up.  It is the Friday of a long weekend, but still.  We actually ran the big hill/west stairs tonight - it's been too wet lately to do that - before Tabata Friday.  Basically we repeated everything we've done all week, just in 2.5 minute loops.  And added in a lap of the bitchy trail to boot.  I am in some serious pain right now, but it's a good pain, right???  I just felt great for hanging in there and sticking to it for all four classes.  When we left at 6, there was one person waiting for class.  I would HATE to be the only one who shows up for boot camp, because Trainer Josh puts them through the wringer!

Volunteering for Calgary Ironman 70.3 this weekend.  Should be loads of fun, but hard work too.  Tomorrow I'll be helping with the Finish Line set-up - lots of hauling and setting up fences and the likes.  I'll be getting my 5th boot camp work out in, I think.  Then Sunday I will be at the finish line at 8am, and waiting for the runners to come in - I can be handing out medals, catching the runners as they cross (this intrigues me), holding the finish ribbon for the runners to "break", directing people, acting as security (athlete only sections)...the possibilities are endless and I am expecting to have a ton of fun with whatever I end up doing. belly is full - went with fast and easy, with mini-burgers stuffed into a pita with some cheese sauce...lame dinner that is now sitting like a lump in my gut.  And I can't seem to drink enough water, so am feeling the salty effects of Pho at lunch.  LOVED it, but still very thirsty right now.

Enjoy your weekend, long or not.


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