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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lesson learned

Today I learned that I am not a trail runner. It's not that I don't like running in nature...I do. I just don't like running where I don't know what I'm planting my feet on, when I can't see my feet for the grass and when I'm rolling ankles over rocks and such.

I got up nice and early and met some of the ladies from yesterday for a trail run this morning through Nose Hill park. Nose Hill is an amazing used to be this grassland hill off to the north of the city. Now the city wraps around it, because some very wise people decided it was too precious to destroy. There are pathways through it, everything from paved, crushed rock, hard dirt and spots where a deer or some sort of animal delicately pressed the grass to one side. That is what we ran on today! Okay, not quite that bad, but felt like in spots. The city has done it's best to keep this as pristine as possible. There are benches but no garbage bins (carry it in, carry it out) and no picnic tables/areas that I saw. Use it to bike, hike, walk or run, but don't abuse it.

We all met up in one of the many parking areas on the east side of the park and took off. Rule of trail running (which I love) is to walk up hills and run flat and down. As soon as we stepped into the park, every single mosquito and fly in the city limits descended upon us! You would never know that we all hosed down in bug spray! These critters didn't care. Today's run was hard though...maybe because I had asked a lot of my legs yesterday with the mountain hike, or maybe because I'm pretty sure I was down a pint within five minutes of the skeeters attacking, but I just could not make myself enjoy this run. After a quick potty break, we are off again, this time making it almost over to the west side of the park, up and over hills, through little valleys and grass as tall as my hips. Meeting up with the other ladies, I decided that I did not enjoy trail running. They all understood (it's not for everyone) and we made our way back to the cars. Granted, I was out for just over 2 hours and managed to cover over 11km, so I still got my workout on. The other ladies refilled their waters and took off to finish their run. Tomorrow they plan on a 25km long, slow. I plan on sleeping in!!!

Came home and literally crashed on the couch! After munching on some nameless/faceless food, I finally got my butt in gear and unpacked and sorted my latest Epicure order, then dropped it off. That's when I stopped in for some milk and desperately needed caffeine! Can't believe I let it go till after 3pm!!!!! Yikes!

Home, where I made Lobster rolls for supper...very Canadian, I think! I boiled up two lobster tails with one egg, and after they were cooked and cooled, chopped them all up with capers, celery, green onion, mayo, lemon zest and juice. Added a final touch of parsley, served on toasted whole wheat buns with romaine and dinner was served. Very tasty.

I did let my caffeine intake go a little to long today, as I still have said headache. And I noticed, despite face cream, that I got a little too much sun this morning (the one thing Nose Hill doesn't have a lot of is is the prairies, after all) so that my be contributing to the headache as well. I'm going to listen to my body, and when it says it's ready for bed (read: when watching TV with eyes closed) I'm going, and I'm not waking up till it wants to. Tomorrow will be spent cutting grass, prepping flower beds, visiting mom, and getting ready for the work week to start again. Man, that was one fast long weekend!!!


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