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Saturday, March 30, 2013


It's rather fitting that on the eve of Easter Sunday, that was my score for 13.4 was a big goose-egg.  But I tried.  And tried.  And tried.  Could not clean 95# to save my life.  Hell, I couldn't clean 75# earlier today.  Tried to get the timing of the hips, arms and dropping beneath the bar all right, but was a no go.  That didn't stop me from cheering on the others who competed today, and to be totally inspired by their dedication and strength.  Not one made me feel bad for fact, no one even used that word.  We all talked about how far I have come, how much I have done and how I'm going to kill it next year.

Went for a long walk with H-woman, after enjoying some salmon and nicose salad that she made.  She is a very good cooker!!  Then dealt with some tenant issues (I am getting far too old for this!), and just now got a text to go for a beer.  So, rather than sitting here, feeling "tired" and "I have to run in the morning", I'm cleaning myself up and I'm going out.  Hmmmm....being 50 is fun!

Yay for fitness!

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