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Friday, March 22, 2013


Third week of the Open.  Past the halfway point.  I continue to scare and challenge myself, pushing past the "I can't" to the "look at me now!".  I am fearless.  Okay, so may "fearless" isn't correct, but I'm trying.  That's all I can ask of myself, after only 6 months of CrossFit training.

Workout 13.3

12 minute AMRAP of:
150 Wall balls (20# / 14#)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Wall Balls...what can I say about wall balls, other than...ack.  And I have never attempted to throw 14#, trying 10# a few times, but basically settling comfortably with 8#.  It's "only" 6 lbs heavier, but my word, those are some heavy 6 pounds!  At least we (women) can aim for the 9' mark, not the 10' like the boys.  NINE FEET!!!!  Movement standards also insist that your hip crease drop BELOW your knees in the squat, and the ball has to connect at 9' or higher on the wall.  I am not known for my squats...just saying.  I had no worries about attempting the dreaded DUs, as I was going to be thrilled with just getting through all 150 WBs before the 12 minutes slipped away.  So muscle-ups were also no where on my radar.  Yet.  Wait till next year, folks!!

I struggled, and it was either a no-rep because my hips weren't low enough (Coach came around several times to remind me to get my butt down) or the ball would land just shy of 9'.  We have the argument going around as to whether WBs are easier for tall people or shorties, but I think it's a draw.  A. cranked out 150 of them (she is strong like ox!) but was exhausted from having to jump each time to launch the ball, while I had trouble folding up 3' of legs to meet the standards.  And because I'm not as strong (yet), I was also jumping to get the ball up there.  So, while I probably did 150 attempts, my final score was 54.  I'll take it!!!

Not running in tomorrow's Half or 8k (had dropped down, and now decided I'd rather not run at all) and I officially dropped to the Half in Vancouver, while they still had spots.  Cost me another $14, but there's no way I can push out a marathon after no training these past couple of months.  I'll focus on a PR in Chicago in October.  Still doing the 50k ultra at the end of May, but since I have 10 hours, and it's basically a trail race, I'll be hiking the whole thing.  No worries there.  Besides, I'm still working on getting my legs stronger with CrossFit, and therefore preventing future injuries.  Is it weird that I am totally looking forward to tonight's workout ladder??  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of hang power snatches/burpees, following by 2 minutes of goblin squats??? Or weirder still that I hope to RX (do the prescribed weight) for all?  Who am I?!?!

Yay for fitness!


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