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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Ben Affleck said it at the Oscars.  "You're going to get knocked down...we all do.  It's how you get back up that counts"...or something along that line.

Tonight I was beaten by a bar of steel and some rubber bumpers.  I wasn't injured, but it hurt.  It didn't insult me, but I was close to tears.  You see, I couldn't press the 75# bar above my head.  Everyone else made it look easy, and that's frustrating for me.  "If they can do it, why can't I??"  Yes, many are half my age, and several more come from a history of fitness.  I sat on my butt for the first 35 or so years, and have some catching up to do.  But I am, admittedly, my own worst critic.  I am harsh on myself, when I would give anyone else a break, a hug and words of encouragement.  It was all I could do to get to my truck before I burst into huge crocodile pity tears.  I was knocked down, deflated and downright poopy about the whole thing!

BUT...I have clawed my way back up.  I am already planning on practising push press and jerk press till I master them both (or I puke...whichever comes first), and yes, at 75#.  And then Sunday...well, me and that bar are going to have ourselves a little rematch.

And I'm making it my bitch!!

Yay for fitness.

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