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Sunday, March 3, 2013

And I was runnin'

Finally got the go-ahead from my RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) to try running again.  Granted, it was to be short, slow and 5:1's, but I could run!  I am THRILLED!  In my head, I looked like this.
In reality, I was running in this, so not so pretty!
Calgary was slammed by a lovely spring storm, starting at about 7:30 this morning.  By the time it finished, I'd say we have about 20cm of the white stuff.  Luckily it wasn't too bad running, as I only did 6k.  The rest of the gang were doing either 12 or 19, so I got off lucky!  It wasn't so cold, but it was was windy and that made for ice pellets in the eyes.  We runners are a hardy breed though...left, right, repeat.  I am pleased though, as the leg feels good.  No pain, no snaps, no problem!  Sweet!!!

I am totally stiff from yesterday's WOD from hell, however.  Seemed innocent enough, as it was a simple EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 20 minutes, alternating KB thrusters x 3 (1 arm at a time) and box jump burpees x 5 (jump up and over box, burpee, repeat).  That is, till we got going.  Ten minutes in, Coach announces that we are adding 1 rep to every minute.  Groans heard around the world!!  All I know is that this was one of those WODS that had everyone laying on the ground, gasping for air, when time was up.  But wait...there's more!!!  That's right...we had 1 minute to get our stations ready for a 2 minute AMRAP of either pull-ups or TTB (toes to bar).  I set up my big blue band, along with a wee little red one, and managed to crank out 22 pull-ups.  I did attempt some jump-rope and box-jumps (12"), again easing back into things. After coffee with some fitters, I spent the rest of the day (6+ hours) at the office, stuffing tax forms.  I the dream, people.

I had an amazing dinner at NOtaBLE on Friday with a friend, as a continuation of my 50th birthday.  Had a plethora of appetizers, ranging from steak tartar (amazing), lamb meatballs in curry (wow!), grilled squid salad (melted in my mouth) and rabbit tagliatelle (yum).  I've never had rabbit before, so it was a new experience.  If you're going to try something, do it at this restaurant.  Just the best in Calgary.  Seriously.  Ended the evening with molten chocolate pudding and sea salt caramel ice cream.  Good thing I went to Crossfit BEFORE dinner, and Saturday morning!!  So far, this 50 thing is pretty awesome.

I had a great party with my running peeps on the 20th.  Jenny made an amazing chocolate/sea salt caramel (okay, I know what I like!!) which Kayla then took and decorated (she is a professional).  Loved the little barbells!!!

Then H-woman and I drove up to Sunshine Village in Banff National Park for an afternoon of snow-shoeing and then a couple of days of RnR.  H was going to ski, I was planning on relaxing.  We did head into Banff Friday night to celebrate International Margarita Day, followed by dinner at Balkan (amazing Greek).   Sunday brunch with the older brother and family, as Friday was Mom's 77th birthday.

Managed to register for Chicago in October.  Yes, I was one of the thousands that got caught up in the chaos that was, and was somehow registered 12 times at one point, but was only charged for 4!!  Guessing my credit card said HELL NO to more than the 4!  All reversed now, although I did get burned on the exchange (ended up costing me about $45) but I am just happy I got in.  The remaining 15,000 have to go to a lottery, and I suck at those!  Hotel and airfare are booked (wicked good deal) and now the bib is bought.  Looking into booking a food tour and a canal tour, architecture'll be fun.  Okay, so we'll try to overlook that Sunday run through the city part!!!  I will have to try visiting a city WITHOUT running for extended periods of time one day.  Of course, we did spend the morning discussing races we all want to run one day...Paris, Malta, Greece, the Goofy, etc.  Ah, runners.

I also registered for Melissa's in September and one more event...The Crossfit Open Games.   Dear God...what have I done???  The Open starts on Wednesday, so I'll let you know what I've gotten myself into then.

Well, given the storm, and the road conditions earlier today, I should hit the sack so I can leave for work at 6am.  It's also day 2 of month end, which means a long one for me as it is.  Hoping I get done in time to go to Crossfit, but I'll pack my gear anyway, and if I have to, I'll just go back to work.  Again, living the dream.

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