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Sunday, March 10, 2013


No, not a Half, but the 1st week of the Crossfit Open.

The WOD was daunting to say the least...I had no idea how I was going to get through so many burpees, let alone snatching 75#, but I was as ready as I could be.  I was going to wait and compete this morning (Maroon 5 tickets on Thursday) but decided last minute that I didn't know the opening acts, and therefore could miss them.  I competed on Thursday.

Kept telling myself that this was "just another WOD", but getting measured and set up with my own bar/target to hit for the burpees (you MUST touch a target with both hands, 6" above your reach), and setting up my own lifting station ("the athlete MUST load their own weights"), I got nervous all over again.

I tried to drown out everything, and just concentrate on hitting the dirt and jumping back up again, 40 times.  Yes, FORTY times.  Totally ignored (sort of) the fact that everyone else was off snatching while I was still throwing myself down and jumping back up again.  Finally hit 40, and it was off to the bar, set for the first round of 45#.  I'm not a fan of the snatch, as I find the hand grip and wide arms very unnatural and difficult.  And, this was really the first time I have ever RXd (recommended weights) EVER!  I managed to get through my 30 snatches and it was back to burpees.  "Only" 30 this round, but the clock was moving far faster than I, and I finished the 17 minutes with another 10 burpees.  That made my total score 80 (40+30+10).  Two ladies in our group did 150 (AMAZING!), while the International leaders are well over 200 reps.  WOW!

So, I may be last in my group in Western Canada, but dammit, my name is on the board.
27 (27)Carol Whyte80

The rest of the week had me run a couple of times (steady, not too fast, no breaks, felt good), saw Maroon 5 (too back the screeching 20 year-olds behind me ruined the night by making my ears bleed!), tackle some more Crossfit (rope climb...first time ever), dinner out with friends, enjoying a pint or two.

Finished the 8 week weight challenge through the Box down 16.1 pounds, 14 of which were fat.  A few of us are going to continue on, keeping each other honest and on track.

Springing forward took a wee toll on me this morning, since I can't seem to make myself go to sleep early!  My knee did hurt a bit today while running, and I'll admit it's a little tender now.  But I stopped running, walked, and cut it short.  Icing now.

Waiting anxiously for 13.2, but in the meantime Coach has devised his own evil little WOD.  Normally I like a Chipper (you chip away at each thing) but this one is all over the place.  But like everything Crossfit, I will try.

Yay for fitness!!

For time:
 40 Thrusters 95/65
30 Pullups
50 Wall Balls 20/14
20 T2B
60 Air Squats
10 KTE

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