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Sunday, March 17, 2013


I admit I was frustrated when I left the Box Thursday night.  I'll also admit some tears were shed.  I continued that rant/hissy-fit right through to my appointment with Therapist Dave, who is also a Crossfit Coach along with his wife.  She was immediately brought into the room, and after my rather painful Graston session (oh, how I've missed that...NOT), Coach Swags was determined that I was not leaving until I had successfully pressed 75# above my head.

She started me with lower weights, and after watching me press a few, decided I was going to do best with a split jerk.  Slowly and surely, with patience and gentle guidance, I managed to push out FIVE lifts!  Now to remember everything on Sunday.

I had a super fun weekend.  Crossfit Friday and Saturday morning were both challenging and fun.  In fact, still feeling Saturday's thrusters in the tuckus.  Then the Box went out to a local beer hall Saturday night...yes, Crossfitters drink beer...and had a blast.  So much to see everyone outside the gym.  The guys represented during the beer stein holding contest (Props to Tim, who won with over 7 minutes!), and the night was filled with laughs and good conversations.  Learned tons about the people that I just work out with.  Such an amazing group.  Of course, that did make this morning a little harder to face, but I had a WOD to kill.

I was also supposed to run the St. Patrick's Day 10k this morning.  I picked up my bib on Thursday and dropped to the 5k at the time, due to my knee.  On further talks/reflection, I decided even running/walking 5k before the Open would be foolish, so I gave my bib to a friend.  Probably for the better, since we woke to snow, wind and cold temps.  It would not have been pretty if I fell along the way.

Got to the box, and watched the "pros" slam out their 13.2, with some amazing results.  Struggled with the damn weight again, to which so many people came over to help me with stance, where the weight rested, how to "get out of my head" and so on.  Two of the guys even "tricked" me into pressing 75#, by pretending to lower/increase the weights.  Finally it was my turn to compete.  I just had to do 5...that's all I wanted...just get through the first 5, so I could move on to the deadlifts and box jumps (step-ups).  So...THAT'S WHAT I DID!!!!  In fact, with some struggles, I managed to get through two full rounds, for a score of 60.  Not the 420 that the leading woman slammed out (Holy Eff!!) but I earned every single one of those 60 reps.  So proud of myself, and not backing down.

Ended up down at the Mill, meeting up with the various running groups, for St. Patrick's Day.  Got all swagged out by the staff, and came home with a t-shirt, a fedora, glasses (although I think I may have left my there), key-chain and suspenders.  And truly enjoyed the pint of the black elixir that is Guinness.  I earned it today!

Yay for fitness!

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