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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Burpees, how I loathe thee

I think Trainer Josh is trying to squeeze as many burpees in before class ends that he possibly can.  His new favourite combination?  Five burpees followed by ten fast/power jacks (where you jump in the air) followed by 15 squats/jump squats.  We did this combo a few times tonight, in between other circuits.  Ouch.  Class was small, with only 7 of us there.  But that just meant more room for us to run around in.

I was reminded today how far I've come again.  I was getting the sales pitch to order a running photo for my Christmas cards (really?!) but looking at the picture from a race in March, I really saw how much I've slimmed down.  I know I can look at the numbers, but the visual is so...real.  I saw it in my thighs

After class I popped into the liquor store to pick up some wine.  We're having a wine pool at work, which we do every Christmas.  It's fun, and can turn into quite a haul.  You join a team of 6.  Each of you has to pay a twonie and a bottle of wine.  Then, when all the teams are set, names go into the bucket and so many names are pulled each day until the final date.  Last teams/names standing win the wine.  One year we had over 300 bottles, so the winning team took home a dozen each!  We also have 2nd and 3rd place, along with best team name, first eliminated, etc.  All the money goes to our Christmas fundraising campaign.  Most years, the finance department manages to raise more than all of the building combined.  We're pretty focused, and try to come up with different ideas.  This year is the wine pool, our weekly 50/50 draws and a silent auction of way cool goodies (hockey tickets, a Wii, a Koobe (??), food baskets, gift certificates...awesome stuff.  I've done some bidding, but won't know till tomorrow if I won anything. 

Dinner was simple but tasty.  Turkey meatloaf, al a Safeway (it's quite tasty, and low fat) and cauliflower al a Roger Mooking.  Toss cauliflower (and I added butternut squash cubes) with a mix of canola oil, cumin and garlic.  Sprinkle on some panko crumbs and roast in a hot oven till things start to get toasty and browned.  It was very good!

Heading back to the warehouse tomorrow, as the inventory count isn't done yet.  We are assured it'll only be for a few hours, so I hope to make my boot camp after work like normal.  Will be very cranky if I miss it!

Time for sleeping. 


1 comment:

H-woman said...

I meant to ask you about your wine pool the other night but was distracted--can't remember by what (probably something sparkly or someone's inappropriate behaviour at a work function)--what did you buy for vino this year?

I tried the salmon. OMG. =D