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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Four minutes

It's surprising what you can fit into 4 minutes.  Like step-ups, leg drivers and 1-legged squats, over and over and over again!  Or jumping rope, jumping jacks and burpees...dreaded burpees!  How about some floor mopping (seriously don't know what else to call this...lay a cloth of some type on the floor, place hands on said cloth, and then "run" across gym...try it.  Your quads will immediately, and quite loudly, thank you), lunges and hops.  Maybe you can drill off some push-ups, v-sit shoulder presses and drop-leg flies.  There's always the trilogy of dips, incline presses and kick-backs.  And then for run, there's some people pulls.  Again, no idea what to call this, but you "rope" your partner, who then runs while you hold them back.  Swap off and repeat till close to vomiting.  Yes, your legs will thank you in the long run.

That was boot camp tonight, and despite being challenging, it sure makes the hour go by quickly.  We finished up with a 6-minute drill of pyramid shoulder presses, lat raises and hold plank.  10-10-plank till minute is up.  9-9-plank till minute is up.  And down we count...remember, plank hold gets longer and the weights just get heavier.  Yes, my shoulders will thank me later!

I really felt this class tonight, as it was eerily similar to last night's festival of happy, good times!  Throw in some sprints up and down the stairs, and you have a virtual repeat.  I'm a little scared about tomorrow!

After dropping off my mother's Purdy's fix (she has a "wee" addiction to chocolate!), I came home and reheated my leftovers from yesterday.  Baked eggplant slices with fire-roasted tomatoes, green beans and chicken breast.  Nom, nom, nom.

Watched some Glee, caught up on some blogs, and am now getting ready for bed.  It's been a long week, and it's Tuesday!


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