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Friday, November 11, 2011

Week in review

It's been crazy since I returned from Banff, and while I haven't had to work a lot of overtime, I haven't left at 3:30 all week, most times getting home in just enough time to change and dash off to boot camp.  At least I haven't missed that.

It's been a sweat-filled week of burpees (every day! seriously?!), wal-marts (roll-backs, which I openly HATE!  And can't do to save my life...), running, hopping, squatting, lunging, curling, pressing, pushing, pulling, dipping, extending fun.  While I had fun in Banff, I was very conscious of my food intake, and it showed on the scale this week, with another loss of 1.8 lbs.  Although my scale was more favourable (it showed a 3 lb loss)...I need to get these darn digital devils to communicate with one another and reach a consensus.  While I am thrilled with the loss, the bigger one would have put me over the moon!!  But most I've been down in well over a year, so I'll take it anyway I can get it.

Since today is a day off work for me, I went to the 9:30am class, but man, I had some serious problems hauling my butt out of bed this morning.  Set the alarm for 8, snoozed to 8:45.  Finally crawled out, rammed a PB & Banana roll-up and a glass of milk down my throat and made it to North Glenmore park by 9:27.  Phew...two minutes to spare!!

It was a treat having an outdoor class, after the last few weeks of all indoors, and while the sun wasn't shining, it was Chinooking, so the temps are reasonable at +8C.  We ran down Weaslehead and back up, then it was a good old fashioned Tabata Friday.  Lots of people there this morning (20 of us??), so Trainer Josh had us all spread out, although I think some people thought we were some sort of race group.  They cheered us on as we ran by, or while we were in the midst of squats.  Funny.

After class, I left the gang at Weaslehead (some were going for a long run afterwards) and rushed home to change into dry clothes so I could go down to the laying of the wreathes at the Cenotaph and Eternal Flame.  I am blessed to live 2 blocks from Central Memorial Park where the Cenotaph is located, but only started going to the service last year.  I know...bad Canadian!  It's heartwarming to see all the younger people there...not just kids with their parents, but people in their late teens and early twenties, all there to show their respect.  Maybe society isn't lost at all.  Although found out today that our little "Occupy Calgary" group squatting in Olympic Plaza have been hanging the Canadian Flag upside down all week, including today.  Those people need a serious dose of reality thrust upon of all days.  Disgusting.

Home and ate a lunch of chicken, roasted rep peppers and Havarti in a multigrain wrap.  These Flatouts are good (and only 3 PPs) but they have an odd texture that I just can't put my finger (or should that be tongue) on...not sure what it is, but I notice it every time I have one.

Not sure what to do the rest of the afternoon...there may be another boot camp at 5:30, and again, outside, but since it's dark by 5pm, nowadays, I don't know if I want to risk it.  Guess I'll contact Trainer Josh and see if he's got enough going (he wants a minimum of 8 to make it worth his time...I think a lot showed up this morning instead).  And maybe a nap...most definitely a nap.

I have been nominated by Cowgirl Warrior for a Versatile Blogger award, which I'll do up later today or tomorrow.  Thanks.


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