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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where have I been?

I've been doing my usual running around.  Work, boot camp, home, work, boot camp, home, repeat as necessary.

Weigh-in on Thursday went well, considering my re-introduction to that womanly TOM thing.  I'm a former BC user, who upon entering the wonderful, magical world of menopause (yes, I have the test results to prove it!) ceased to take the magical little pill in May.  My body finally clued in that it was still indeed female, and hit me with full force on Monday.  Wow... a period.  How quaint.  So while I did my best to not eat everything in sight, and maintained my exercise levels, I could tell the digital devils were going to gang up on me just by the way I felt.  However, I managed to lose .4.  I am happy with that.

The weekend rolled around, and it was a cold one in Calgary.  First big blast of winter, and I have to drive to the far southeast corner for an Epicure party.  Happens every time this hostess has a party, so I shouldn't be surprised.  Spent Saturday getting ready for it, mixing up cheese balls and other sample treats, loading up the car (getting much better...only two bags and a cooler) and driving south.  Return trip was over 60km!  It was a very low-key party, as the hostess is technically my boss (they manage the building I'm the caretaker of), and it was mainly family.  Busy time of year, so not many others showed up, which is expected but still rude.  So we all sat, ate, discussed Epicure, drank some wine and I made some money the whole time.  Bonus!

I set the alarm with the intention of running this morning, but I know I didn't eat enough (or properly) yesterday and got to bed a little later than I wanted to, so woke up with a killer headache.  Hmmmm...fight the pain and run 12km in -21C temps before the windchill, or shut off the alarm and go back to sleep.  Wanna guess which one won?!  Yeah, I slept.  Finally crawled out about 10, did some laundry (which counts as exercise, as it's up and down 3 flights of stairs for each load), ate some breakfast (steel cut oats with the leftover fruit cheese ball dip mixed in...apples & cinnamon.  Yum!), shoveled the walks (finally!) and then walked to the Core (downtown mall) to look for a party dress for next weekend.

I was feeling pretty cocky about my weight loss and inches melted from my body...that is until I started trying on dresses.  Wow!!!  And we wonder why women have eating disorders...what passes as a "large" is embarrassing.  I did finally settle on what I think is a nice dress.  The necklace is actually my Mom's, from either the late 50's or early 60's.  Looking around showed me the style is back in fashion, and I think it looks amazing against the blue of the dress.
Home, where I finished off a supper of leftovers...leftover savory cheesecake from last night's party, some of the Thai soup I made earlier this week, bits and bites like that.  I was hungry, but I wasn't. 

Back to the weekly grind tomorrow.  I really want to get a lot accomplished at work...I feel like I've been spinning my wheels for quite some time, and it appears I'll be wearing the two hats of my old and new job for a while longer, while we try to hire someone.  The more I can get ahead of the game, the better I'll feel.

With that, hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


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