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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Win or Fail (or Die Trying)

Seriously got my sweat on at boot camp both Tuesday and Wednesday - WIN

Missed boot camp tonight because had to work late (not my fault, either) - FAIL

Lost 1.8 pounds at weigh-in - WIN

Did not bad on my week 2 goal and target activity (get more sleep) - WI/AIL

Found out that police are out looking for my licence plates on some a-hole's stolen vehicle, doing nasty things - HUGE FAIL

Hoping I can get replacement plates tomorrow, as I'm heading to the mountains for another weekend of racing  & fun - WIN??

Still beaming about my Sue Sylvester picture and how awesome I look (well, how awesome I think I look) - HUGE WIN

Okay...must head to bed, so that I can try and contact the constable at start of shift.  Tonight I spoke with a constable with the major crimes unit, who told me they were out looking for said a-hole (was it wrong that I wished him "happy hunting"??) but assured me that I shouldn't have any troubles getting new plates.  And then he told me to have fun in the mountains.  Nice guy...

I'll be taking the notebook to Banff, so will blog once I'm there.  I've heard the snow has started there, so it could make the Winterstart 5 Miler a bit of a challenge...nothing a beer party in the parking garage afterwards can't fix!


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