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Monday, November 7, 2011

Back to reality

So sad to be back in Calgary...don't get me wrong.  I'm a 3rd generation born and bred Calgarian, but I just feel so at peace in the mountains.  Once day I will live there day.

Still trying to learn my new job at work, all the while keeping up with the old responsibilities.  This did not go well today, with me missing a meeting that was set weeks ago (not sitting at my desk to get the reminder).  It turned out okay, since the guest of honour was a no show, although it turns out she got confused and thought the meeting was at 3:30, not the 1:30 we had set.  Maybe she was still on eastern time.  Whatever...I'm gone at 3:30, so I can make it home for boot camp.

It was another good class...still feeling pretty cocky about my 4 minute time shave at Winterstart, and for not going all crazy on the weekend (yes, beer was consumed, but it didn't turn into a foodapalooza!), I entered the class ready to keep up with the cool kids.  Despite both trainers being there, it was the Josh show from the get go.  Michelle was there to cheer us on, and correct form when needed.  After running around and around and around the gym (why I hate indoor training) and doing dreaded burpees and other hellish warm-up moves, we moved on to the circuit, and the reason why I love boot camp.

Count of 10:
1) - squat press
     - wall sit with curls, shoulder press, control down the front.
2) - jump rope to 50
    - power or regular lunges
3) - shoulder press with bands
4) - seated rows with bands
5) - push-ups
    - full body bike
6) - 1-legged squats
repeat, adding curls to seated rows.
repeat, adding drop-leg overheads to push-ups/bike
repeat, adding dips to 1-legged squats
repeat, adding lat pulls to seated rows/curls.

This was a good, long circuit that kept us all moving along, till abs time.  Then Trainer Michelle took over.  Crunches, full sit-ups, supermans, side plank with dips (why can I do full plank fine, but when I'm on my elbows my shoulders want to dislocate and leave my body?!), Russian twists, v-sit, and assorted other forms of torture core fitness.  Finished with some stretching with Trainer Josh, and the first hour of the week was done.  In the blink of a sweaty eye!

Dinner was a grilled chicken breast with oven roasted veggie stuff: eggplant, zucchini, roasted red peppers, and fennel, tossed with balsamic vinaigrette and spices, topped with little goat cheese buttons.  Holy moly, guacamole, that was GOOD!

All right...tis time for me to sleep.  Trying to be really good about 7-8 hours of zzz's a night, and I'm actually getting tired.


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