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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Am I glowing yet?

Sitting outside Starbucks, sucking off their wifi, sipping a coffee in the sunshine.  A perfect way to spend a
Sunday morning, if it weren't for the fact that I am currently radioactive!  Okay, so I exaggerate a little (okay, a lot!), but I am finally getting a bone scan done on my foot/ankle today.  I was injected at 9:30, had one scan and now must sit and wait 3 hours before heading back for scan #2.  I really hope this finally answers some questions.  I am getting very tired of doing NOTHING and watching my foot swell daily.  Yesterday, for example, was sore and stiff and locked up after STANDING.  Yes, that's right.  I stood, making salads for the Stampede BBQ at the Box.  I didn't run, I didn't jump, I didn't walk...I stood.  And I was wearing ropers, which I thought should have stabilized the foot.  But no...crap.

Got up at the crack of stupid this morning to marshal the Stampede Half.  Yet another race in which I was forced to sell my bib.  It's been a long, frustrating running season for me this year.  Hell or High Water (Yes, Calgary Stampede, I'm using your catch-phrase) I am running in Chicago in October.  Don't care if I have to drag the leg or crawl.  It's getting done!  Needless to say, I marshal with mixed emotions.  I love helping out, and cheering everyone on.  Cowbell firmly in hand and big smile on my face.  But I am also very sad and a tad angry that I'm not running with everyone.  I have never run this Half.  The first year, I missed package pick-up (refused to ghost it) and last year I was support for the Sinister 7 race in southern Alberta.  Next year I keep telling myself that I am going to cut back on racing, so maybe I'll do this one in 2015.  Maybe.

Speaking of Crossfit - man, I miss it.  I did go last Saturday and tried some rowing.  Ankle didn't really hurt, but it didn't really like it either.  So I can add rowing to the list of "don't do" as well.  Oh joy.  The lack of cardio and the increased cravings for sugar (getting my endorphins somehow, I suppose) has resulted in a nearly 10 pound weight gain in June, but I was down this week, and feeling a bit more in control.  I managed to pack breakfast and lunch for most of the week (which is key), and I'll sit down with a Paleo menu for the next few weeks to really get myself back on track.  If I can't sweat it out, I'll at least eat properly and drop some weight that way.  I do have a company pancake breakfast on Wednesday (first.time.ever!) and then we (the accounting team) are heading to the grounds for the rodeo that afternoon.  So, basically Wednesday in a write-off in both productivity and food!  And weigh-in is Thursday morning.  Could be interesting!!  But I love the rodeo, and I love beer!  So it'll be what it'll be!

Still haven't moved Simon and Myles (I've decided it's spelled with a y) to my place yet.  Not sure why, but I really must do that.  The fuel savings alone should inspire  me to do it sooner, but  I keep putting it off.  I think I'm afraid they're really going to freak out in the smaller space and without all of their "stuff".  George is settled back down, and again, I'm worried how he'll handle these two invading his domain.  But it has to be done, so I just have to pull up the big-girl panties and get 'er done.  Then get the house cleaned up, get some quotes and sell it.  The market is strong right now, so our timing is good.  Will miss that house and yard though.  Too bad it's so far  out for me.  I just don't like the "burbs" and the commute to work would be a bitch.

Got back into my building the Thursday before the long weekend.  Mind you, there was some confusion as we initially didn't have power, but after throwing some switches and pushing some buttons, the lights came on.  I had to empty my fridge and stand-alone freezer, and I learned something about myself.  Hello, my name is Carol, and I am a food hoarder.  There is no other explanation why a single woman, who lives alone, should throw away 6 (yes SIX) green garbage bags of food.  Luckily I went in on Tuesday, and emptied them then, rather than waiting till the power came back.  Most, while melted, hadn't started to stink yet.  I always said I had to clean out my it's a good thing, right?  Now to refill it.  The government is handing out debit cards for those of us displaced by the floods, but I just can't make myself get one.  My costs were minimal and more of an inconvenience than anything.  I had a safe place to go, and all my stuff is fine.  I know people who lost everything, so I'd rather they get the cards.  Made sammies and treats and handed them out to those standing in line over the weekend.  Doesn't feel like enough, but my foot just won't let me slog through the basements and haul crap.

Well, that's it for me.  Another hour to kill before heading back to the clinic for my scan, and then off to a friend's new place to help her make some decorating decisions.  Then down to Mom's to pick up two cats and all their stuff and bring them home.  There...let it written, so let it be done.

Yay for fitness,

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