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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Das boot

It took longer than I wanted, and really wasn't the answer I wanted, but I finally received some news on my pesky ankle foot.

"Nonspecific changes involving the Anterior Right Talus, Talonavicular joint as well as Cuneiforms worrisome for overuse injury/stress fracture."


My Osteo/Sports therapist (after saying "see?  I told you to get a bone scan!") says he's seen many people with stress fractures in their shins, but never at the joint where the leg and foot meet.  I do like to be different from everyone else.

I shall be wearing this 18/7 (I get to take it off at night to sleep, shower), so it's going to take some getting used to.  At least it's an air cast and not a fibreglass one.  That would totally suck.  As it is, my friend P, who lives across the hall and who I drive to work daily (works in the same department) is doing the driving.  If I have to go somewhere without him (he didn't want the chauffeur cap - odd), I've left a pair of birks in the car, and will take the cast off, drive, put cast on.  Has fun written all over it, doesn't it?!  In the meantime, I see my doctor again on Wednesday (to make sure I'm being good, I suppose), am waiting to hear from a sports therapy clinic (I'm an "athlete", and my crossfit coaches, to come up with a plan to do ANYTHING to break a sweat for the next 6 weeks.  I can do upper body, and possibly squats, as long as my hips are even (the shoe I wear on the left will have to level me out).  I may (gagging even as I type) have to look at going to a pool.  For those who don't know, despite being a Pisces, I am not a water baby!  Fear is a great word used to describe what I think of water.  Intense fear.  But I'll work on it.  So, goodbye to Shopper's Women's 10k at the end of July, Mud Hero and Spartan in August, Moose Mountain trail race at the end of August (although it was just cancelled due to the floods).  I "should" be out of the boot by the end of August, so will test the 10k in Banff (Melissa's - I'll drop the distance from the 22) and then Chicago in October.  To quote my beloved Stampede (Hell or High Water), I'm doing Chicago in October.  Don't care if I have to crawl.  I'll walk it.  I'm doing it!!!  After all, I registered 12 times during the fiasco that was sign up day...I've got to compete at least once!  LOL!

It's Stampede week here in Calgary, and for the most part it's been pretty good.  The fact that the City managed to clean up and host it's usual 10-day party, on time, is nothing short of a miracle, and makes me beyond proud to say that I am a Calgarian.   Strangers helping strangers, almost $19 million (last I heard) raised in basically 3 weeks and while there are still some odd pockets of destruction (our poor zoo is facing a $50 mill clean-up and had to ship away 35 animals and permanently close an exhibit), for the most part, Calgary looks like Calgary again.  Okay, so there are now running paths to nowhere, as they end at a cliff over the river, and some restaurants are likely to not reopen for a year or more, if ever.  And High River is having entire neighbourhoods plowed to the ground...but we've still got each other's backs.  Busloads of people are going to High River every day, just to haul garbage and help where they can.  I dare say Calgary and High River will be back to "normal" long before New Orleans...and Katrina was in 2005.  

But back to Stampede week...went the rodeo on Wednesday, although I had to leave before my favourite bull-riding for the doctor's appointment.  Tonight I'll go to my one and only party, fittingly enough a Hell or High Water party at a friend's.  My "yahoo, drink all night and function the next day" days are long behind me now.  So a couple of beers, meet some new people, visit with friends...that's my kind of party.  Listening to all the "yahoos" stumbling around downtown all night is as close as I want to get.  There were a lot last night...till the rain, at least.  I think that washed most away.

My apartment is a little more crowded these days.  Yes, it's official.

I am a "crazy cat lady" - kind of excited by this, as now it means I get to chase children with a stick, right?  Right?!?

Anyway, Simon (tongue out) and Myles have come to live with George and I.  It's been an adjustment, but for the most part everyone is getting along.  Myles suddenly thinks he's an outside cat, so sits at my apartment door and meows to be let out (not going to happen!) and Simon is not overly fond of George, but so far just hisses and growls.  Poor George is "WTF???  Who are these kids???  I'm old, leave me alone" but still purrs and cuddles, so I know he's doing all right.  We'll see how long it takes for me tripping over 3 cats, before I go on the hunt for a larger place!  In the meantime, here's hoping I don't come home to this one day.

We're still waiting on a permanent place for Mom, but she's being looked after well at the hospital, in the transitions ward.  She asks every night (usually 3-4 times) where she is, how long she's been there, how long till she leaves, where is she going and what's wrong with her....every.single.time.  But she laughs about it when I say "you have to go to a care facility because you don't remember that we just had this conversation 4 times tonight".  Always been in good spirits, which is awesome.  There was a new patient there last night that cried the whole time I was visiting Mom.  That makes me sad for her and her family.

That's news for me.
Yay for fitness,

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