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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lost miles

I was looking for a notepad here at my desk, and came across the listing of races I was signed up for in 2013.  In all, I was looking at 16 races, in distances ranging from 5k all the way to 50k, with a total of 3 Marathons, 5 Halfs, 1 Ultra, 1 Trail and 2 obstacle races.  Of the 9 that I should have completed to date, I have completed 2.  Of the remaining 7, there are only 3 that I am not yet willing to bow out of, and even then there is really only one that I am holding on to dearly, vowing to crawl it, if I must.

So, how did I go from planning on running over 200 miles in races through the year to managing about an eighth of that?  Yes, we can all go on and on about the whole overuse thing, but I'm personally blaming turning 50.  Yup...that's it.  I was rocking things out in my 40's and then I turned 50 and it all went to the crapper.  Let this be a lesson to you all.  For years I said "it's only a number" and "you're as old as you feel"...well, today I feel about a hundred.  Okay, so maybe not that old, but nowhere as young as I felt earlier this year.  I don't care about the wrinkles (I've earned each and every one) and grey hair can be me, I've been colouring those bad boys since I was 16.  Nope, when I attempt to stand in the morning and my feet, knees and hips all scream NO at once, or my shoulder mysteriously pops out of it's socket overnight, there's something afoot.  No pun intended.

I'm off for my annual asthma assessment.  Without all the running this year, it'll be interesting to see what my lung function is.  Of course, the addition of two more fur babies (who both shed like mad!) may contribute to my problem.  Have I mentioned I'm actually allergic?  Have I further mentioned that the allergies are to anything I inhale, so what's the fuss??  Anyway, combine the low cardio, additional fur-babies, extra humidity in Calgary (WTF is that all about??) and the loss of my daily walk to and from work (it's been a year...only 14 more months to go...big BOO), and I think my discussion with my doctor should be interesting, to say the least.

Getting used to das foot swells a bit in one spot, but I iced it last night and that seemed to help.  Follow up with my doctor tomorrow and Dr. Dave next week.  I am counting the days...6 weeks seems very long, but I'll focus on one day at a time.  I replenished all my food lost to the flood, and nothing sugary came into the house.  I'm going to focus on Paleo (save for Greek yogurt) as much as possible, and have packed breakfast and lunch this week (so far...the week is young!).  Today was flatiron steak that I cooked last night, with spices, and sliced thin over salad greens, some avocado, green pepper and cilantro.  My dressing was salsa mixed with a little sour cream and lime juice.  I am a good cooker!!  Tonight I will make a kale, honeydew and blueberry salad, with either the remainder of the steak or maybe some salmon as my protein.  When I cut the grains last time, I felt so much better, which I need during my "no running or jumping or walking or standing" phase!  I am meeting with the Coaches tonight at Crossfit, to come up with a plan I can follow, as I need to get back to a routine and break a sweat.  DESPERATELY!  Feeling very blue, and I don't like it. 

Nothing a little retail therapy couldn't help!

Yay for fitness!

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